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Master Baiters


A motley bunch of semi skilled anglers who enjoy fishing in the SWWASAC league as the Penlan Master Baiters.  We are all members of the Penlan Social Club Angling Section and fish together, run trips and boat trips for the membership.  We meet formally every other Monday and informally on the other Mondays.   We discuss all aspects of fishing, decide which venues we will fish, swap tips and tall tales etc.  If you want to know more contact us on  alternatively come along and say hello at one of the meetings.  We usually meet in the lounge in the Penlan Social Club.  


Current members:

  •  Martin Nort
  • Dai Richards
  • Dai Crocker
  • Lynn Price (Sec, Treasurer)
  • Bob Tanner
  • Ian Allen  (Scorer, Recorder)
  • Richard Spears
  • James Gammon
  • Lee Smith
  • Paul Apajee (Venue Master)
  • Ray Neale

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