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West Pier 14.11.2012

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A few of us  Master Baiters Headed for the West Pier after work.  Apples, gammons, Ian, Ray Lenny, Ian were joined by Tommy and Dello.

There  was a steady stream of whiting to 35cm pouting and dogs being swung over the side.  Apples who had been fishing small hooks for whiting landed a magnificent cod  of 14lb 9oz.  the cod had actually taken a live whiting that had just hooked itself on a  small hook.

With no drop net Apples did the only thing he could to capture this fish and clamboured down the the side of the pier too grab it.  Well done that man.

some more pics here.

WE 06.05.2012

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Rhosilli Tue May 1st

Ian, Dai, Gammons, Lee and Stead had missed most of the fishing with the high winds the previous weekend.  They decided on the above as they they reasoned that the residual swells would makethis beach quite bassy.  This was not the case as the seas were deadcalm.

We won't publish the photo of Ian kissing the ground at the carpark after a flying lesson in Lee's van who's hero happens to be Colin McCrae. 

The conditions remained calm all night which madefor hard fishing.

Just a couple of flatties each for the boys flounders and dabs and Dai had a30 cm bass

Somebody stepped n a weaver with boots on thankfully

Morfa Beach Fri May 4th.

Ian, Dai Lee and Stead all wanted to put a marker down for the fish of the month cmpetition.  It was pretty much a doggie a cast for the last to hours of the ebb interspersed with the odd whiting.  When the tide turned Dai was first to put a marker down with a Small eyed of arund 40cm.  This was soon usurped by Ians 45cm one.

The same night Jon fished with the Fairwood boys at Monknash pretty much the same there with the odd Ray interupting a doogfish sesh

Morfa Beach Sat May 5th

Ian dai and Ray caught Dogfish after dogfish treble shots.

Sun 6th May Cefn Sidan

Ian, Stead and Dai fished here dai had a hatfull, Stead had a few and Ian blanked. 

Interim League

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To be able to fish a summer league and a winter league fromnow on there was a barren period between Jan and April this year.  The club decidedto  fish an interim league.  This ended on the last day of April and was won by Ian, who was top rod in 3 of the 4 venues.

April FOTM

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The fish of the month competition was won by Ian who narrowly beat Richies 44cm plaice with a Blonde Ray measuring 41cm from wing tip to wing tip.

WE 29.04.2012

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Mon 23rd, 24th & 25th Apr Tenby Beach.

With a week away in caravan Dai would have been negligent if he hadn't packed a rod or two.  No such worries of course he did.  Whilst the rest of the masterbaiters were thrashing things out in their latest meeting dai was terrorising the local fish. 

This plaice and bass not bad for first day at a new mark.

Day visited the beach for the next two nights the second night catching a whiting and a turbot.  The third blanking but by now his bait had well passed the sell by date.

Fri 27th Apr Landimore

Dai and Ian fished the above 3 or 4 hours up and a few hours back.  Bait was lug and crab fished with a flapper and pennel respectively.  The wind was a few degrees  off north either way all night at first the weather was fine

and then it rained and rained and rained.  Luckily the wind was blowing into our backs. The fishing was slow at first just the odd little nipper.

Once it went dark a few bigger ones fell for our cunnigly baited hooks

It continued like this for the remainder of the flood Dai and Ian catching around 8 each.

At slack water the bites died off completely and as the tide started ebbing Dai positined himself on a high bank and fished there for the remainder of the ebb and Ian chased the retreating tide out determined to get in the deeper gulleys with the crab bait after a bigger fish.

The result was Dai had another dozen or so fish mostly in the mid 30 cm range

Ian had fewer prob half of Dai's but generally a little bigger.  This one the best of the night. 

All fish came to the worm baits nothing on the crab.

Next day.

WE 22.04 2012

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Thur 19th Apr Sker Rocks

after the successful charter boat excursion, Lee, Stead and Ian wanted to get as close as they could to the mark they had fished.  The closest they could think of was Sker.  With a bucket of crab each and a pack of sand eel off they went. 

They fished to the right of the gulley 2 1/2 to bottom and the same back.  Pulley Pennels big tide south westerly in the high teens.  The hope was for an early hound or two.  Five hours later 3 dejected anglers headed home.  Ian and Lee with one puppy dogfish each, Lee dropped a similar one.  Stead blanked.

Fri 20th Apr Morfa Beach

Dai, Ian and James fished the above hoping to get in on the act with fish of the month, Ian to protect his lead and Dai hoping to register a fish, bearing in mind where we were the target was either a ray of some description or perhaps if a passing bass, Smoothhound or turbot took a shine to the bait so be it. 

Weather conditions the same as above up but winds more northerly up and overs and pennels were used, sand eel squid wraps and crab.

5 hours later off they trudged back up the long lane one dogfish each to their names.  Dai with a moral victory over the other 2 with a whiting kicker.

Sun 22 March Cefn Sidan

Dai Crocker fished with Andy - North westerly in the mid teens big tides.  Quite a pleasant day with temperatures reaching 13 or 15 degrees, except for the squalls.  Dai had 7 flounder and Andy blanked.

Sun 22 March Horton

Apples, Ray, Rob, Ian, Lenny and Gammons fished here, in the latest venue for the interim league.  Weather condtiions,much the same as above.  Tactics were a pulley pennel lobbed out as far as possible and small hook scratching rod in lobbed in a bit closer into the surf. 

The weed proved to be a pain for the first few hours, but that cleared after a while, Lenny seemed to be in first with a small bass of 28cm, follwed by a small turbot and two flounder for a total of 82 points via the SWWASAC length to point scale.

Ian had the same single dogfish that he had been having all weekend and this titchy turbot. 

Frustratingly a cm too short, back it went with a flea in its ear to eat its greens.  Ians total 37 points.

Rob had 3 small plaice for a total of 57points.  Gammons had a plaice to avoid the blank.  Apples and Ray blanked.  Ritchie won the day with a brace of plaice.  This one the biggest reaching over 44cm and 124 points on its own, almost knocking Ian's blonde ray off the top in the fish of the month competition.

Please do not look down if of a nervous disposition

Latest league positions can be found here

WE 15.04.2012

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SWWASAC junior coaching starts again on the West Pier on the following dates-

Sat April 28th 2012 - 9.30am to 12.30pm

Sat May 12th 2012 - 9.30am to 12.30pm

Sat June 2nd 2012 - 2.00pm to 5.00pm

if any one is interested or wants to bring their kids along All welcome. Please book in at Mainwarings Angling Centre on 01792 202245 £5 per child all equipment and bait supplied!! just bring yourself!

Caswell Thurs 12th

Ian, James, Lee, Stead and Dai Crocker had an inkling that Caswell would fish well on these early season big tides.  There's not much room on this beach at top of the tide so the lads split, some fished the ledges and the others fished the beach.  Tactics was a pulley pennel with cocktails after something substantial and a wessex rig in the surf.  Dai, Ian and james on the beach and Lee and Stead on the rocks.  Bait was lug worm,maddies, sand eel and mackerel.  Easterlies were forecast but what wind there was, was insignificant, there was however a tidy residual swell.

Ian thought it was going to be his day when he pulled this flounder in first cast.

Then 2 surfers decided to ponce about not a 100 yards out dead in front, which was a bit annoying.  The lads on the rocks were still to register at this point hour followed hour and there was no more fish to be seen.  At one point the lads turned around to look in the garden of the houses on the beach and one guy has a helicopter parked in his garden.  Geeeee!  how the other half lives. 

As darkness fell

Ian had a doggie on his pennel rig, the boys on the rocks had a turbot each around the same stamp.

Lee went on to get another 2 x doggies.

That was it so the inkling was wrong pretty dire really Dai and James blanked.

Ashtips Fri 13th Apr

Lyn Price reported that he fished here at 10-30am - 1-30pm, bait mudworm, 12 flounder between 20cm - 28cm, cracking weather loads of fish jumping, crab on the increase if no bite within 5mins, no bait left.

Landimore Fri 13th

Dai and ian headed here on the flood a low tide falling bait was lug and whiterag.  As it was getting dark they headed down to waters edge noting that they were crossing some deep looking gulleys on the way.  They took one rod with them and left the rest of the gear on the side of a gulley that they knew the tide would not come over the plan being fish here for three hours up and a bit back.

Down at the waters edge as soon as the bait was hitting the water bang!!  lovely bass bites on the bass rods, the boys had been missing these all winter.  Whilst ian was checking the route back Dai had already caught 2.  When he returned with the news that the gulley behind was filling fast we only had another 20 mins left here.  Dai has a rule if you say 20minutes left!  he takes that as get off now. 

Off Dai trudged Ian stayed at the waters edge for a little while later.  Bang!! rod goes with a good bite.

Baited up back in for last cast 2 mins another bite both fish around the keeping size but culdn't be certain, they both went back.

As this one went back Dai rang to say that the gulley was filling fast and i'd better scootch outa there pretty lickety split.  Good job he did too as it was waist height. 

Anyway the lads got to their spot to fish the remainder of the flood in safety.  The heavens decided to open at this point.   Tactic was a small hook two up on down affiar on one rod on the other was a ledgered pennel with a big lug bait hping for that lunker.   The bites continued here all night except for a half hour before and after slack water.  Both anglers had a good dozen or so fish but mainly smaller than those earlier fish, mostly all around this stamp and all on the small hooks.

Llangenith Sun 15th

Penlan A team had a SWWASAC league home match against Llanelli SAC, the venue chosen was llangenith.  It seemsthat Llanelli were unable to feild a full team therefore lenny took the walkover.  and claimed one point for the Master Baiters.   James Gammons lost his match up making it 1 all, ever dependable jonny R won his match up

This being his biggest and the fish of the day at 39cm


Apples his which makes it 3-1 and the final match up was Rob who lost his.  More info will be provided when available.

Cefn Sidan Sun 15th

Dai Crocker fished here straight out from car park F.  He had commitments this day and couldn'tcommit to the team match or the boat trip.  He took his mate Andy with him they fished the flood with 2up 1down paternoster small hooks.  Dai had five flounder and Andy had 1

Lady Jue III Sun 15

The weather forecast screamed go to the 3 Master Baiters who had booked a trip with Rob Rennie on his LADY JUE III


LADY JUE III is an Evolution 30 long cabin. She is designed to take parties of 8 with 2 crew, on long range exclusive charters. Powered by twin Yamaha 285hp turbo-charged engines through duo-prop stern drives to give speeds up to 40 kts, with a comfortable cruise speed of 25 kts. She has a state of the art Simrad electronics package and fishes 6 comfortably


Bait was collected from the various sources around the Swansea Area.  However there was a distinct lack of peeler crab in our prefered tackle shops of Anglers Corner, mainwarings even the usually very reliable Gareth in Swansea Angling  was struggling.  Therefore the lads had to go to a source they are always reluctant to use as they seldom seem to have a good deal.


Anyway the peeler that was acquired was supplemented with some freshly dug and pumped lug.  Some frozen mackerel, squid and sand eel.


We met Rob 7.30 in the marina and was informed that there was to be only one more angler that day.  Steve who we had met before and a hell of a nice chap.  Great they thought a whole charter boat for four anglers.   :cheer: A shame for Rob mind you but hey ho!


A quick discussion was had and a semi consensus was reached on the plan for the day.  We'd do a bit of flatty bashing for the first few hours and see what happens from there.  


New traces were tied with smaller hooks as Rob made his way to and positioned the boat near the mixen buoy on a prominent sand bar on the Mixen shoal.



So the first hour which happened to be the last hour of the ebbing tide we seemed destined to catch dogfish.  When slack water arrived Rob repositioned the boat over the sandbar once more.  not much action over slack water then when the water started to flood we started getting some flatties on board.  A few nice Turbot for Rob, Lee and Steve.  Rob lost i a nice turbot on the surface.  As the trace came off a dodgy swivel was quickly blamed.



 Stead then got a his first plaice of the season.



Lee had a nice knock and in came Robs trace and turbot.  As Rob leaned to retrieve, Lee gave a sneaky little shake and back it went.    lol  To everyone except for Robs amusement.  It nearly had as much a laugh as when Ian told the story of catching a huge red turbot on this bank last year.  He'd meant Gurnard and felt everyone should have known that   oh..  oh.. :


Fair play to the man he still kept making the tea and the sausage sandwiches we even had venison sandwiches at one point


The fishing remained like this for the next 90or so mins not great but hey ho !  Then Ian had a telephone call from his mate Simon who informed that he had heard news of a few nice smoothhounds coming in neat Porth cawl.  Ian repeated this outloud for rob to here, who was obviously interested so were the rest of the master baiters, we just had to convince Steve it was a good idea.  Yawwwnnn!!  A bit crap here.  Pheeew slow here init?  Come on fish bite!!  were amongst the words uttered.  In the end Steve gave in and off we motored up to the porth cawl area a good 30 mins steam at 25 kts.  Fair play to Rob  He doesn't mind burning the diesel.


It wasn't long and lee was into the smoothhounds.



Then another for Lee.



Then another.  Everyone else were getting a bit grumpy by now.  Then Rob and Steve was in, finally Ian got one which coincided with Lees 4th fish


Stead started to panic a bit now.  fish were coming in right left and centre.



This nice one for Rob at almost 12lb




By now Stead was nearly crying especially as he was being ribbed mercilessly.  He finally asked Lee to put the bait  on for him.  Which he did.  The bait hadn't touched the sea bed when bang!  A lovely bite for stead.  Ha ha ha Stead laughed as he reeled it in.  Get the camera ready he shouted as the fish neared the surface.   Just as the leader knot was leaving the water off it came.  Laugh!!  Well the boys nearly cracked their ribs they laughed so hard.  That was until we saw the veins popping above Steads eye.  Ooof he's close to flipping. so down to business.  It wasn't long before Stead was finally in but By now lee was on about 7fish and ian about 5.  


a relieved Stead with his first ever smoothie.



He soon had his second



This continued until the slack water at hightide and we all changed tactics to try and catch an eel.  We had run out of crab by now anyway  Ian had a strap then this one which is not too strappy.  Ian also had a good weight on and just as it got to the boat off it came he groaned and moaned, he knew it was a good eel.  When the trace came over the side the hooks had gone.  Look!!! he shouted bitten through but as it came closer he saw the tell tale curly pigtail. No don't look he exclaimed turning away quickly.



The smoothies kept coming to all baits, squid, mackerel and worm all caught smoothies. Each angler had both types of , they do know that they are identical genetically but until its clearer they are calling them separate species on their species list for the year.  


As the tide started to run a bit harder a few cod came aboard all the while the smoothies continued to feed hard.




This nice fish was last aboard by now it was 6.30and time to set off home.



A rough gestimate was that the 5 anglers had over 45 smothhounds aboard that day mostly 8 or 9 lb fish Lee probably the most with around 12 -14 ian 11-13 .  and the others around 6 - 8 each.

WE 8.04.2012

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Fri 6th March Monk Nash

Ian, Andy, Stead, Lee, Dai, Gammons and Rob set off the ussual 4 hours before bottom water to enable them to get the two parking spaces at the end of the lane.  However these were already gone so a donation to the farmer was in order and a longer walk than normal. As they got on the beech they realised that they would have an even longer walk as there was a good 20 anglers spread across the first part of the beach The weather was a very slight north easterly and the sea conditions were dead calm there was hardly a ripple.  Very high tides rising to the highest of the month over the next couple of days. Tactics was alternate baits of lug or sand eel squid wraps slung as far as possilbe on up and over pulleys 3/0 4/0 pennel. 

Just one fish caught on the remainder of the ebb a small flubber for Ian.  Low water came and still nothing of note just the odd dog here and there.  Stead had a good take on sand eel and brought the fish to the shallows before it came off much to his chagrin.  he was jumping up and and down on the spot cursing his luck.  The same for Ian 10 or 20 minutes later.  The fish must have been feeding very furtively picking at the bait and not getting it down their necks at the rate required for a good hook up. 

A half hour into the flood some of the lads were catching the odd doggie and Ian had a typical Ray bite quite a tidy knock then nothing.  He gave it 5 mins and reeled in to find this welcome critter at the end of his line.  He thought it was a much bigger fish is it went well downtide but the gripper in the lead had not come undone and there was a quite a bit of weed and little bits of plastic and line wrapped around it. 

For such a high tide the lads had a bit longer on there than normal  must have been the flat seas or something.  They usually high tail it out of there around 2 1/2 hours up but stayed for over 3 hours.  Ian ended the day with 2 dogs, a blonde ray and a pouting.  Dai had a couple of doggies, Stead had a doggie to beat the blank.  Rob was blanking until the very last cast reeling in a welcome brace of doggies to beat the aforementioned blank.  Lee, Andy and Gammons blanked.

Sun 8th March Cefn Sidan Carpark F

With nearly the highest tide of the year offering itself for to the grateful angler one Penlan Master Baiter in particular thought it was a good idea to fish Cefn Sidan from bottom right up to top.  The others like sheep just followed suit, therefore. Not to mention any names Dai Crocker, Ian, Lyn, Gammons and Ottie got onto the beach and peered into the distance.  There was no water there!!!  There was something blue over by Whitford point so they headed that way for an hour or so.  Finally arriving at some water it was not half coming in at a rate of knotts!!  The next 6 hours involved a backwards march up the beach interspersed with the odd fish here and there.  The weather was sideways squally showers with a brisk southwesterly, seas were quite bassy looking with white water as far as the eye could see. One rod with 3 hook 2 up 1 down medium snoods small hooks.  maddies and lug worm for bait

Dai was first in with flounder on his first 2 casts.

Ian had 2 flounder also this one the best.  He tried and tried to put it back but int he end it was dispatched and a good friend of the sectionhad it for dinner the next day. 

Towards top of the tide the fishing died off a bit. however the shallows were hooching with Golden Greys.  So a few of the guys decided to try and get into them.  Lyn was successful and captured a nice fish of 39cm sorry no picture and gammons had this 33cm bass.

The fish was not too happy about being held like this, the pose being camper than a gift set of Glee DVD's. 

An hour before top of the tide Ian phoned around the guys to find out what they had all caught and to suggest that they all pack up early as there was so much grass in the water.  A 7oz gripper could not hold bottom the pull of this grass and the massive tide combined to make fishing virtually impossible. It was as if someone had dunmped a hay stack a few hundred metres uptide. He rang dai and heard him definately say he had a five pounder so he was both gutted to be knocked off top spot in the fish of the month competition, and glad for a mate to catch a nice fish.  So when they were back at the cars Ian asked to measure the fish to witness it for the comp  Dai looked at him with a puzzled look all dull like.  Ian said i thought you said you had a a 5lber.  Dai laughed at him and said 5 flounder you deaf git. Ottie had a flounder, Ian 2 flounder, Lyn 2 flounder and a golden grey.  Well you all know what Dai had, Gammons saved the blank with the mortified bass.  Rob tried to claim a rubber sea horse beats the blank,  Maybe if it was on the hook Rob!!   but you found it on the high water mark.

so a re-leaved  Ian headed home with a memo in his pocket to clean his ears more often and still in the lead for fish of the month Competition.


Ian wanted to say something about the Photon Shop in Cardiff.  His fennix HP11 had a few connectivity issues in the battery pack.  He's very happy with the light in the main it gives very good light for the price.  Around 50 quid and free p&p from these guys. 

Well anyway to cut a long story short they asked Ian to send it back for them to have a look.  This was done on Thurs evening by Saturday morning there was a replacement in his letterbox.  Ian has asked to express his gratitude via this website.  Top quality service which he highly recommends

Here is their website click.

The Photon Shop.


Suite 1, Storage Giant

376 Newport Road,

Cardiff, CF23 9AE


Congratulations to Lee on winning fish of the month.  click here for details

FOTM March 2012

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Lee had a fantastic March catching the 4 best fish this month.  Apples was second again with a tidy bass.

Lee could have won with any of the four but the two rays he caught scored the highest via the SAMF btable. both scoring 215 points

The cod was 174

The Bass 92

Lee being presented with his Tackle voucher by chairman Lyn.

Well Done to Lee from all of us in the section, well most of us.

WE 01/04/2012

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Thurs 29th March Cefn Sidan

Dai Crocker, Apples, Martyn Glen and Ian decided to make the most of a convenient tide on the above mark.  North westerly light breeze, no swells to speak of. Medium/low tides falling, lug worm (massive ones) and maddies for bait.  Parked in carpark F Dai and Ian headed 200 or 300 hundred yards right the remainder headed left as there were four or five anglers straight out.

The first thing they saw as they arrived on the beach was this, unsure if this was a good or bad omen the pair who had chosen right remained optimistic. 

Their optimism was rewarded as they were both soon on the flounder.

As twilight and the subsequent darkness arrived

the flounder fishing tailed off but they were  still getting the odd one or two.

This was fish of the night for the both, caught by Dai it was over 40cm an it wouldn't have gone over the lb mark it was that spent.

Dai also had this 30 something cm bass which was a quite nice fish.

The lads packed up just after top of the tide with 6 or 7 flounder each and Dai had the bass kicker which was returned. 

Apples had a nice fat fish 42cm but weighing in at a plump 2 1/2 lb

amongst a bag of 9 fish mostly bass and a handful of  flounder.

Luckily for these guys Apples returns all his fish without exception.  In fact out of the...  must have been 35 fish caught only one was kept, which was another 2 1/2 lber caught by martyn who also bagged up with around the 7 or 8 mark.  Glen was also in the fish catching a similar amount to everyone else. 

Fri 30th March Rest Bay

Work commitments  and other reasons meant Lee, Stead, Ian and Gammons were at a loss where to fish on such a low tide over high and still be in with a  chance  of catching a decent fish,probably a ray to compete with Lee for the fish of month competition.  It was either compete with the  hoards at the deeps or try something different.  A plan was hatched and as time was critical and any walk would have eaten into their fishing time Rest Bay was the favoured option. 

bait was the usual fayre, lug, sand eel, squid.  Winds were South with the faintest whiff of east, medium seas.  Tactics were pulley pennel up and overs on one cast as far as they could trying to gain the interest of a passing ray.  Smaller tackle for closer in oonthe other.  Chuckles could be heard on the left of the beach as Stead and lee were in amongst the schoolies.  This one for stead probably the best.

Towards the top of the tide Lee had a cracking knock, soon this we beasty was on the beach another fine fish for Lee.  45cm this time, up until this point Lee had the top four fish this month, his two rays, his cod and this bass. knocking Apples bass from 4th place.  However there was still a few hours of March left where he could be caught.  

Everyone got to the business of catching him.  Gammons had a nice bite on sand eel was this to be the fish that beat lee?  A couple of minutes later four anglers stood scratching their head as there was a flounder on the beach perfectly hooked on a sand eel bait.  weird!

Next in was stead a typical Ray bite a good twitch then nothing as it sat on the bait contemplating the next move.  You could see the beads of sweat forming on Lee's brow.  The kind of sweat that only the real worried get, in fact he was sweating like a fat bird in a rubber boob tube. 

Wow stead really had a fish on here.  the tip was juddering on the retrieve.  What could it be?  It was a ray definitely. 

A short while  later in came this magnificent beast.

Not quite the monster he had hoped for but a nice addition to the species list for the year.  Oh and Ian blanked.  Congratulations to Lee for the top 4 fish of the month,which made him really popular in a Abu Hamza al-Masri type of fashion .

Sat 31st March Cefn Sidan

John Richards reported that himself Glen,and non members  little Ed, and Darren Jones fished sat night down cefin sidan bait was mud rag i had 15 flounder and a weaver glen had 5 flounder darren had 2 flounder and ed had a doggy so a good session over all but not enough surf for bass !!

Sun 1st April Loughor Ashtips

Lyn reported that glen and myself fished ashtips, sunday 1st april, bait mudworm, 11.30a.m - 3 - 00p.m

glen had 2 flounder both 33cm, i also had 2 flounder 35cm & 36cm.

Sun 1st Apr Ginst Point.

Ian and non member Peter headed for their favourite mark hoping to bag up on a few bass.  Bait was maddies, lug and peeler.  They arrived and were set up by 9 am an hour into the flood on the joint lowest tide of the month.  wind was quite a cold westerly switching WNW.  Tactics bass rods on one pennell rig with crab fished running ledger style ,the other a wessex rig small hooks mixed baits of worm, crab claws, cockles and clam strips.

Peter was soon in on worm a palmed size flounder.  Ian just fed the crabs.  All morning no bites.  top of the tide came and Peter had two more flounder of a tidy size but completely spent.  They stayed for  two or three hours of the Ebb Peter had one more a nice one of around 40cm but again it was thinner than Spurs' Champions league hopes.

Two blanks on the row then for Ian?  As he packed one rod away and peter made his way back to the car.  Ian cast out a double crab bait.  Just to use up the bait really after packing up the first rod he reeled his second in to find this lovely, handsome, welcome blank beater had rammed two peeler crab in its gob.