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WE 22/1/2012

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Thurs 19 Jan Swansea

A bunch of the Penlan boys agreed to try to fish a midweek low water session on Swansea beach.   Some couldn't make it from the outset others encountered problems  as the week went on eventually it was just partners in crime Dai Crocker and Ian.  The area on the beach they had chosen is a difficult venue but often throws up a good fish or 2.  It's difficult as it has shallow gulleys which run the length of the beach parallel to the shore.  This is all well and good on the flood as you can pop your bait in one of these gulleys and retreat up the beach confident that your bait is in the optimum catching zone.  However fishing the ebb is difficult as you could wade out 50 or 70 yards and cast as far as you can but you wouldn't know if your bait and hooks would be in the water or on the high bit of the gulley


However a combination of inaccurately assessing when bottom water was exactly and estimating the size of the tide incorrectly meant that the twosome arrived at the venue a bit early and the water went out further than was planned for.   They had hoped that low water would have been around one of the bigger of these sand gulleys but the tide went out a good 200 yards further which meant it had to be crossed and all the safety implications of this flashed through their minds.


They set up and fished the last hour of the ebb crossing and recrossing these small gulleys.  A couple of times Ian lost his gear and needed dais help to find it.  One time just as the tide was turning Ian left his rod on a sand bar and couldn't find it.  He had to wade out to sea and walk parallel to the tide line until he walked into the line, eventually doing so.  He then couldn't find his rod stand and he was wearing a quality 300 lumen headlight, gave him quite a scare, black as coal it was.


Bait was maddies, lug squid and mackerel.  conditions were lively with a westerly in the high teen gusting to the mid twenties.  Tactics were  a big old cod bait cocktail a mixture of everything on a pennel 3/0 on one rod.  the other rod scratching around with luminous beads and / or those little needlefish muppets size 4 hooks.


Nothing at all during the ebb was caught but at bottom Ian caught this little 5bd rockling on a lug bait tipped  with a squid tentacle.



He had a bit of blood coming out of him and was left in a little pool to recover.  It was later observed swimming off strongly.  Good job mind as he was just going to go on the hook.


A little into the flood Ian had snotty eel which must have been on the line a little while as he had turned a lovely pristine rig into a snotty brillopad.


Nothing then for an hour or so although in fairness they were not fishing comfortably with that gulley behind them.  Another hour and the gulley was crossed and the fishing became less worrying, it was a shame the fish didn't see it that way, as we were pushed off that last gulley it was time  to pack up, it was gone 12 and there was work in the morning, the both would have loved to have stayed.  Ian beat the blank with a rockling and an eel, Dais run of bad luck continues with a third blank on the bounce.


Ian reeled his scratching rod in and had another rockling.



As the bait had scarcely been touched and with 5 mins to go before the agreed upon pack up time, one last cast was called for, Ian waded as far as he dare and lobbed it as hard as he dared hoping to get into the aforementioned gully.


He then proceeded to break down the big rod and pack away.  this done he proceeded to reel in his TT lite with the now new (non eel obliterated) scratcing gear which was 12" 12lb snoods with a bit of bling #4 hooks.   Strange he thought there is a bit of weight on here bloody hard work it was pulling this dead weight in, he was contemplating cutting his line as it was taking a bit of time, then.....  nod!  Nod!  oh shit!  Theres a reasonable fish on here he thought. 5 minutes later there was a very happy angler having his photo taken.  



with this PB shore caught cod of 9lb 7oz weighed  at home, originally measured 9lb 3oz on the beach but it was very windy.


Fri 20 Jan - Knab Rock

Facing 4 blanks on the trot Dai Crocker did the sensible thing and (no he didn't pack in fishing) headed for the Knab early to get one of the most productive spots.  Fishing with some left over maddies, lug and mackerel he waited patiently on the waters arrival.  He fished two up one down #4 hooks.  At first it looked like it was going to be the fourth blank on the trot, however after an hour and a half Dai had a nice knock which resulted in a pristine dab.  Dai commentated on the good looks of this dab, something like the nicest fish he had ever seen.  Envigourated and relieved he set to the business of catching some fish.  Once darkness fell the whiting came on the feed nothing huge mostly around the mid twenty cm range.  However he had a good dozen of these and four smallish dabs. 

Sun 22 Jan The George Mumbles

Saw the first of this years SWASAC league matches for Penlan.  It was a good turnout for the Penlan home venue  5 team members for the Match against Tycoch to be chosen from the 10 anglers who turned up.  Ian the two Dais, Martin, Lee, Andrew, Rob, Paul, Lyn and Apples.  It had been decided that the Penlan boys would have a mini competition amongst themselves as well.  The biggest bag would get a bottle of whiskey kindly donated by Lee.  A complicated formulae which only Stephen Hawkins could understand was rapidly deployed to choose the Penlan team.

Rob, Lee,  Apples, Andrew and Lyn were chosen They were to fish against Luke Smith, Mark Davies, Michael Davies, Richard Russ and Ian Russ, respectively, all good experienced match anglers.   Fishing was dire from the beginning for the first 2 hours the only fish that were caught were for the non competitors.  One of the spare Tycoch lads had a reasonable flounder and a whiting and Ian had an18cm whiting and a 22cm whiting for a handful of points Apples also had one undersized fish.  Darkness fell and the odd fish started to come in Luke for tycoch had his bait soaking in a magic potion and was top rod at the end of the night with 2 dogs, 2 whiting and a dab for 101 points beating robs 2  26cm and 23cm whiting.  1-0 to Tycoch.  Apples had a 34 cm whiting which pulled a point back for Penlan beating Michaels 24cm dab 1-1 and pushing Ian and Rob out of the reckoning for the whiskey.  Dai Richards had a flounder and Martyn had a rockling but apples kept the lead.  Lyn pulled in a 18cm and a 28 cm whiting anda 19cm pouting for the lead and also a point against Ian Russ who managed a 30cm whiting to avoid the blank.  2-1 to Penlan.   Andrew who blanked was beaten by Richard’s solitary 33cm whiting making it 2-2 with the other pair not catching a lot except for a whiting which was a ¼ of a cm to small to count for lee.  He threw it back and muttered something about eating your greens or something like that minute ticked by and with a few to spare mark broke the deadlock with a 29cm whiting breaking Lee’s heart and condemning Penlan to an early home defeat.  Dai Crocker, Andrew and Paul blanked.  


There was a a westerly breeze which was a little blustery at times but the sea was a mill pond.  A medium tide making, tactics were usual match fishing tactics and various baits.  Lyn won the whiskey

Presentation of Dais Trophy forwinning the league

presented  by Chairman LyndonPrice



League 2011

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Congratulations to Dai crocker who deservedly won the league this year.  Final Standings are as below. 

Dai won  a token cash prize and will have his name engraved on the appropriate shield.  Here he his collecting his winnings.  Well done Dai, we'll all be after your crown this year.

WE 15/1/2012

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Mon Jan 10 AGM details to appear here

Dai's Win  click


Rule Changes for 2012


Tues Jan 11 Swansea West Pier.


Ian, Dai Croc and non members Vic and Andy had arranged to meet Apple and Lyn on the West Pier around 6ish to fish the tide in an hour or so and a few hours of the Ebb. They had arranged to meet each other around three-quarters of the way down. Ian, Dai, Vic and Andy set up and was immediately into some decent size whiting around 35cms. Light seas, light north westerly and no moon. Tactics were small hooks on 2 up 1 down luminous beads and luminous muppets. Bait a mixture of fish and worm. Mostly what the guys had left from the weekend.


Top of the tide came and still no sign of Lyn and Apple. The next thing Ian has a text off lyn “Are you fishing?” “yes west Pier” was the quick reply. Lyn decided to ring Ian and then they realised when they could hear the conversation louder without the phone that they had been fishing next to each other for the last hour. Good job they hadn’t been slagging each other for not turning up. Well!!?? Not loud enough that either group heard the other in any case.


A quick chat and group A (ian and co) were being trounced by group b (Lyn and Apples) in terms of fish caught, they had been there an hour or so longer, therefore with; ‘discretion being the better part of valour’. Group a decided not to enter into any kind of wager . Especially as Apple had had a nice 40 odd cm fish, its girth was that big that he couldn’t get his hand around it. Apple is no stripling either, we have no photo as Apple returns all of his fish. Lynn had also been into some nice flobbers.


The most successful bait over the last few weeks had been mackerel, the theory being that there are so many sprats in the channel whiting are used to eating the fish. It could be argued that worm probably pipped for the biggest fish on this occasion.

Dai and Andy packed up earlier as Andy had hurt his back. But had 5 and 2 keepers respectively. Lyn had 16 whiting up to 35cm and 8 pouting up to 28cm. Apples had a nice haul of 28 fish up to 40 odd cm.


Ian and vic fished on for an hour or so longer Ian had 20 or so whiting with 9 over 30cm, and two doggies as soon as these two fish (which were the last two) were caught the pair decided to pack up. Vic had half a dozen keepers out of a haul of a dozen


Sorry missed the pic of the only fish worthy of grubbing up a camera phone with smelly mackerel hands.


Wed 12 Jan Knab Rock

Lyn Price managed  to squeeze himself onto this increasingly popular mark and was rewarded by fishing next ot a few people who had no clue and was rewarded by being cast over more than a dozen times.  however he did catch a small pouting and 4 dabs up to 28cm for his efforts.  Bait was king ragandmackerel.  Flat calm conditions.


Wed 12 Jan West Pier

Dai Crocker and Non Member Andy decided to fish Knab rock a few hours up and back however when they got there the place was rammed and you couldn't get a fag paper between the anglers.  They decided on having a go at their back up venue the West Pier.  They got there to find the place pretty busy too but managed to squeeze in.  Whiting were biting from the get go and both had an impressive haul of small whiting with the odd nice one interspersed.  Dai managed 3 takers and Andy 1.

Thurs 13 Jan West Pier

Ian and Dai Crocker arranged to meet brothers and co-conspirators Andy and Lee at top of the tide with the intention of  fishing a few hours back.  Ian and Dai arrived to find that Lee and Andrew, as the top half of the pier was so busy had, had to set up about half way up, this coupled with the fact that the dredger was working the channel added to the bad omen that the winds had switched to easterly didn;t fill the boys with any optimism.  However as they arrived Andrew pulled in a double shot of medium sized whiting which did boost confidence. 

Fishing was pretty slow all night with only about a doz fish each for Ian, Dai and Lee mostly small. Unfortunately Andrew didn't catch another fish after those two.  Lee pulled in his customary biggest fish of the session about half way through the night.  Fishing was slow but the company was good.   As they were leaving Andrew said that his dog would be disappointed as he loves whiting.  Ian donated his only taker of the night for andrew not to look bad in the eyes of his dog.  Your still her hero And lol.

Fri 14 Jan Caswell Bay 

As the winds had turned Easterly it was felt that a bay like 'Caswell which is sheltered from easterlies would be the most productive and comfortable fishing.  Bait we thought would be some lugworm for the odd bass that might have still been lurking around, dabs and flounder.  fish bait for the coal fish and turbot.  well this was the plan anyway.  6.30pm arrived and Ian and Dai met up with Apples at the carpark. It was decided to fish by the stream and back up the beach towards the little cove to the extreme right of the beach.  reasoning that the not insignificant easterly would push any bait and fish towards that end of the beach. 

First signs were good as  Ian pulled in a whiting of 30cms on his first cast.  on a snood baited with worm and one of those little luminous muppets called needlefish.  Then nothing for any angler until top of the tide when Ian had another whiting of a similar size.  The fishermen had intended to push of at top of the tide but had backed themselves into a little cove.  The way off there had signs which read  residents only etc, therefore not to get anyones back up they decided to fish an hour or so back until the water came off the little headland and they could walk off the way they came.  As they continued to drown worms Apples had a nice flounder of 30odd cms on some manky maddies that he had and ian had a coalfish of around the same size on a wormbait.  Dai unfortunately drew another blank out of the scrabble bag of fishing. 

Sun 15 Jan Mainwarings Swansea Breakwater competition. 

Ritchie, Lee and his good pal Stead decided to try their luck at the above competition.  with a £15 entry ticket and a £5 optional pool it was not everyones cup of tea. 

However hoards flocked to the event.  Stiff easterlies would mean that the fishing would be hard.  This venue is notorious for fishing badly in easterlies.  But as angling is banned on there for the everyday angler many thought that they would give this a go.  

Fishing did prove hard with 80% of the anglers blanking.  However there was some fish caught first prize going to a bag of dogfish.  Ritchie and lee who tried everything using every different combination of bait on every kind of rig imaginable blanked but  Stead did manage a dogfish which unfortunately was just outside of the prizes.

Sun 15 Jan Llangenith Burry Holms

Ian and Dai parked by the Dollar cottage and walked the 50 minutes or so to this venue, they had been coaxed there by local talk of a few codling coming off there.  on the way down both stated that they are now fed up with catching whiting and how nice it would be to target another species.  Easterly winds did not fill either with optimism.  Tactics was a big ol worm and squid cocktail on a 3/0 pennel lobbed out as far as possible and leave it out until you'd think it needed refreshing.  On the other rod small hooks maddies and a bit of fish after anything else that might be around. 

On arrival it became apparent that even thought he tides were falling the swells and race going from left to right were massive.  The stiff easterly had kept the tide back for the first two hours of the flood so when it decided to come it really came.  The swells were small but powerful nearly sweeping the anglers off their feet.  It was difficult to hold bottom, as this is a storm beach and the sand is constantly shifting it was even hard to hold bottom with big grippers.  Fishing was grim and the wind was cold, Ian lucked in with a tiny 5 bearded rockling to beat the blank.  Dai drew another blank the second in a row.  They both decided to pack up a half hour before top of the tide, on the long walk back to the car both reminisced how nice it is to catch whiting. 

WE 8/1/2012

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The Penlan anglin Section would like to wish all visitors to the site a very happy and hopefully fishy New year

 Jan 2nd North Gower Flounder Mark

With no tackle shops open the day before and none open to get some maddies early enough in the morning to catch the tide, a cunning plan was needed.  Lee hatched a good one he would go to Dragon Baits in Port Talbot who are open 6 til 6 every day of the year.  Apparently there has to be someone there every day to ensure the tanks are running properly for the £1000's of farmed rag.   The next part was easy as Ian had fished a mark in North Gower where the farmed rag had worked much better than dug maddies.

7.30 saw ian, Dai Croc, Lee and his ugly stepchild Stead hit this mark.  


Just joking stead couldn’t resist that.


The wind was howling up the estuary up to 35 mph with squally showers.  It really was a miserable day.  To liven things up they decided to have a bit of a competition.  It seemed obvious, two teams!  The boys with the Apollo Extreme stuff on, Ian and Dai.  Against the boys with the Sundridge floaties, Lee and Stead.   Blues vs Reds,  Ha ha no problem! Ian and Dai thought as they knew a bit about this mark.  These guys are toast!!    A half hour goes by with no fish not even a nibble.  Then firstly Lee was in with a nice flounder then another.  The next thing you can hear Stead’s distinctive laugh reverberate down the estuary.  He’s in the rest all guessed.  Soon there was a nice plump flounder around 38 cm on the shore.  This continued for nearly the duration of the flood.  Every few minutes you could hear those two giggling away like two schoolgirls who’ve been on the cooking sherry.  Ian and Dai exchanged worried looks as they were still to get off the mark.  What was wrong??  Ian and Dai was using standard estuary tactics with blinged up snoods and light gear.  The other two.  The successful two, had opted for brute force beachacasters and throwing  a heavier lead a fair old distance.  Good tactics in the conditions you could argue, especially as they were not using fragile maddies for bait.


Finally Dai was in, which left Ian blanking and as top of the tide neared ian started to get a bit of success the frown lines started to ease with a couple of double shots on the wishbone.   The lighter tactics started to pay dividends as the tide turned ian and Dai continued to catch as the reds slowed dramatically.  It ended with dai on 5 flounder, Ian and Lee on 8 a piece and stead with 9 and a rockling kicker.  Reds 17 Blues 12.  A great way to bring in the new year.  Well done to Lee as well getting up at the crack of dawn to get bait.

All gut hooked fish were kept with the lip hooked going back except for this one which was determined to make it to the pot.  

Wed Jan 4 Knab Rock.  

Dai Crocker dropped his missus off at work and dashed down to knab to get a quick session in. Before he had to get back to do some other stuff.  He arrived just at the top of the tide and had a nice hour and a bit with his bait in the water.  He had a bit of mackerel for bait and managed two nice whiting for his troubles.

Sun Jan 8 Swansea bay

The day of the Swansea bay cod festival had finally arrived.  North westerlies around 10mph.  Two boats with Penlan members set out to try their luck.  Ian was on Vic Lilygreen’s Cleavage and Andy Grosvenor was out with his lads on his own Wilson Flyer named Fisher.  There was £1200 first prize on offer and everyone was optimistic.  They launched a couple of hours into the ebb as rods were in for 9.00 am.  Ian and Vic were soon in amongst the whiting and dogfish, there was soon some good whiting to 2lb on board.  The period of slack water arrived and the whiting really came on the feed, rods were pinging all over the place.   Not only on the smaller hooks which were out to catch a bit of whiting for the pot but on the big running ledger pennel systems they were using to hopefully attract a cod or 2 .  A couple of times Ian and Vic got a bit excited with good bites only to land a couple of Thornies up to about 8 and a bit lb.


Also Andys lad Jamie managed a decent whiting off Fisher.  Their day started well but tapered off. Andy had had a nice flatty and the doggies and whiting were playing their part but alas no cod on both boats.


2 ½ hours into the flood saw Ian have a really nice bite and the tackle moving downtide at a rapid rate.   He tightened the drag and struck into a nice weight.  This was no ray they both agreed.  Especially as it headed for the bottom a couple of times.  This nice cod was soon aboard which was surely knocking the door of 8lb. 

This fish would have had third prize last year Ian and Vic mooted. 

Ian Rang Andy to brag his fish up. the conversation went like this.  Ring ring!!  Ring ring! 

Andy "hows it bud?"

Ian "Alright mate!  You?" 

Andy "yea good mate"

Ian "had anything"?

Andy " No" No! Good God!  No! nothing since those fish earlier."

Ian thinks (Ask me then???   hmm he's not going toask well better tell him anyway)

Ian "Ummm  I've had one must be knocking on for 15lb."  Silence

Andy "listen mate you don't know nothing about engines do you????" 

Oh shoot Andy was in trouble lol A well organised competition had a safety boat ready andafter some radio traffic Andy was soon towed to safety.  Many thanks to the guys on Jack Tar, which meant the rest of us could fish a while longer.  As we would have had to go to his aid.  Thanks Lads much appreciated.  I think Vas put a picture on WSF of Andy's tow to safety.

Nothing else except for whiting for the rest of the day.  As we were locking in it became apparent that our fish would struggle to get in the prizes.  And so it proved when arriving at the weigh in, Ian proudly clutching his cod only to be told that they are not bothering with fish of that size any more :(.  18th prize was a fish of around 10lb with the winning fish a nice 21lbish fish caught on charter boat Blue Thunder.

 Biggest whiting of the day for cleavage


Jan 8 Knab Rock

The masterbaiters main contingent the two Dais, Martyn, Ritchie, Lyn and Rob had arranged to fish here to sort out who will fish in which team and where in the SWWASAC league.   Not much has been reported yet from that venue.  Full details will be published once known.  a pic of lyns flounder

Other news

Dai Crocker won the 2012 leauge winning himself a nice £50.  report will follow in appropriate category

WE 1/1/2012

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Tues 27th Dec, West Pier


Ian and Dai Crocker had originally intended to fish Knab Rock and chase some of those nice Whiting they had been having lately. They arrived an hour or so before the water would be deep enough to fish and the place was jammed full of shiny new floaties, rods and reels. Tackle shops seem to have had a good Christmas.

They had two choices they could squeeze in somewhere or make another plan. Not being the type that would like to spoil other peoples enjoyment by cramming themselves in they decided on an alternative venue. They decided on the West Pier.

Half an hour later they walked onto the pier to be greeted by some strong westerlies gusting to 30 odd mph which gave the sea quite a bit of lump with some white spray. Tides were medium to high and falling. Newish moon. They soon had bait in the water and Dai was the first in with a nice whiting around the 37cm range on Mackie using a two up one down affair with luminous beads. Ian fished into the Sea side with a wishbone on one and a two up one down pat no beads on the other. The wishbone which is heavily blinged was soon into the small whiting which had some manky old worm on it meant for a dab or two. Nothing but the odd small one on the pat.

Dai continued to get in amongst the bigger fish with the odd pout or two thrown in. Ian only smaller fish. The only difference between them was that Dai had luminous beads. Ian searched his box and old traces and came up with a handful and a muppet or two. He then switched tactics and fished the same as Dai and also got into the nicer fish catching four in quick succession the biggest at 39cms.

By the end of the session they both estimated to have caught around fifteen fish Dai’s the biggest stamp overall but ian had the biggest fish with the 39cm. A guy came up and said to Ian have you had anything tidy. He showed him his four keepers and he said his was double the size of the biggest. This they had to see; it turned out to be a nice fish of 1lb 13-14oz 46cm. Nice fish Gary I think he said his name was. I said that i'd try and put the photo in the local paper, i've sent it but don't hold much hope.


 All night they had watched this green flashing light float around the bay. They had no idea what it was they thought it can’t be a boat in trouble as it had a green flashing light on it. At one point it came quite close to the pier. And at top of the tide it actually beached itself as they walked off it became apparent that it was a shipping buoy. A biggun too probable the size of a transit van. We tried to get photo’s during the night but couldn’t get the flash to go bright enough to pick it up in the distance. Dai went down the next morning to take a photo some quick thinker had put a bag over the flashing light presumably to stop the ferry from driving into one of their apartments. One quick fella actually says that the bag covering the light looks a bit like a Madonna image and not the ‘spank me’ one. lol

Tues 27th Dec, The George - Mumbles

Jon nipped down here to get his shock leaders tied professionally by one of the boys who was fishing a comp here.  Whilst there he borrowed some bait and cast out twice both casts resulted in a 3 fish up to 43cm.  

Tues 27th Dec, Swansea Bay

Lyn fished 5.00p.m - 9.15p.m, frozen lug, mackarel and squid, first 2 cast 2 dabs, 25cm & 28cm, then four hours without a bite, other anglers catches consisted of codling up to 2 1/2lb and odd whiting up to 1 1/2 lb last 2hours winds really picked up still a couple of hours out of the club.

Wed 28 Dec Knab Rock

We had three unclaimed prizes from our annual Christmas raffle.  A bottle of Whiskey, a slab of cans and a bottle of taboo.  What to do with them?  Was the question....   No contest we’d fish for them.  Nothing like a bit of competition to get the boys fishing juices arunning.  We decided on Knab rock.  We’d need to get there early though Ian and Dai reminded everyone as the day before they couldn’t get on there.  Rules?  Simples (squeak) biggest fish gets first choice from the prizes, biggest bag gets second pick, most species gets what ever is left, fish from 6.00pm until top of the tide at 9.00pm.

Ian, Rob, Dai Richards, Dai Crocker, Ritchie, Apples, lee all arrived at Knab at least an hour and a half before it would be fishable and most of the best spots had already gone.  Lee’s mate Stead also fished with us, Martin had intended to attend but had broken his ribs on Boxing night (those bloody BT boxes are a menace, especiaaly when you walk into one:lol:).  After a bit of a chat, relating funny fishing tales, like, when lee walked around with a fishing fly stuck through is lip for the day (i think he said it was called a ‘hairy Daddy’;) or when Stead had a treble hook and lure stuck right through his thumb, also when they both nearly drowned when they were stuck in the mud at Redwick , which was hilarious of course.  Then after a cuppa and checking over each others Christmas gear the competition was on:

 Ian was first in with a 25cm Whiting and it was quiet for ages after that Lee was next in with a smaller fish and a pouting which was just undersize to count in the bag.  Ian increased his lead with a 33cm whiting.  A bit of a flurry then with an hour to go.  Dai R got into a 34cm whiting, to take the lead.  Which was then trumped by Rob’s  50cm dogfish.  I got a doggie Lee declared with a big grin in his face only to realise he was reeling in Steads fish, most of us thought that was highly amusing.  A couple more whiting for Rob, the 2 Dai’s, Ian and  Apples.  

Dai Crocker made a move on one of the popular spots and had a load of abuse from one of the individuals who was in a gang of anglers there.  You know the type they had their car radio on blaring without a thought for any other angler there.  “I’ve got a line there” one of them shouted out.  “sorry i didn’t notice” replied Dai.  Which was not surprising as it was at a 90 degree angle from his other rod.  “You’d better be or i’ll be over there to fill you in” was the reply from the bigman in a gang.  Dai moved further along to the other side of the slip by Verdi’s and although catching two fish there his night went from bad to worse when the rod stand blew over smashing one of the top cups on the rod stand and also smashing up one of the biggest eyes on his rod.   

With 5 mins to go Rob came over to check out the competition.  To see Lee pull in two doggies of 50 and 52 cm and a 41cm whiting in quick succession to go into the lead in all comps.  Luckily for the rest of us we had set a proviso of one prize per angler.  Robs face was that of when a fella finally gets into a girls bra to realise that it one of those super dooper push up bras that should be done for false advertising.  

Final result was Lee was the clear winner with around 2 metres of fish.   Here he is with the 41cm whiting which was clearly fish of the night, there are two pictures up as one is a nice one of the fish the other is a nice one of Lee.





 Rob got the second pick with his two species.  Then it was between the two Dais and Ian for the third spot .  The two Dais had 3 fish for 80 odd cms Ian 4 fish for 120cm.  Suppose i’ll get the Taboo Ian was heard to grumble.  Just as we finished there was a flurry of fish all along the front with everyone catching.  Lee and Stead had a few more but everyone else had started to pack up.  Ian pulled in another which didn’t count.  

Wed 28th Dec Sker Rocks High Water mark

Jon fished here with Tony Oates and friends and ahd all sorts for biat the conditions were pretty tricky the wind was horrendous and he unfortuatley blanked. 


Fri 30th Dec, Loughor Estuary


Dai Crocker and Ian headed for Loughor Estuary with half a pound of maddies and half a pound of farmed kings. Med/low tide falling, weather was 20 to 30 mph westerlies blowing right up the estuary, at first it was raining hard but slowed to an almost stop at top of the tide. Fished 3or4 up and 1 down. They both originally fished one wishbone with loads of bling on one rod and on the other three down Paternosters top weighted and with bling Orange and yellow Ians favourite. Dai had a few different kinds.


Now we all now that flounder fishing in the dark is a bit of a hit and miss affair. Sometimes they’re on the feed other times they’’re not, it’s not like in the day where you can tempt them with flashy beads etc. The bites were slow but you wouldn’t have been able to see them anyway. After an hour or so Ian thought he heard Dai shout over that he’d had a rockling, must have miss heard Ian thought, this is a blimming estuary after all. A little bit later Dai shouts over a whiting. Dais losing his marbles ian thought. But sure enough a little later Dai had a double shot of both.




Ian thought he was destined to blank as twice he had good flounder on and whilst lifting them up from the gulley they had been sucking on the king rag and came off, hooks must have been a bit small for such big baits. Also a couple of times the fish took to the snags and he had to pull for a snap. When wading out to try tofree the snag and get to the terminal tackle and try to get behind the fish. Ian heard a voice saying ‘when was the last time you went to communion’ he nearly sh1t a brick but quickly realised he had hit the play button on his phone and it was playing a podcast . However he didn’t wade out any further and pulled for a snap there and then. A little later when the gulley filled Ian started catching a fish or two as well.


Ian’s flounder and a whiting.



Here’s Dai in with a treble shot of flounder.



They ended the night with 6 flounder for Ian 3 of them went home with him and two pin whiting. Dai had 4 shore rockling and two pin whiting and four flounder. He had intended to take one home but it escaped All fish to king rag.

WE 25/12/2011

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Tues 20th Dec Mumbles

With Victor back in the mood for some fishing Ian was a happy chappie.  He mentioned that he was going fishing with Vic to all the Penlan boys.  Several said that they would come, in the end two decided to come along, being Lee and Dai croc.  They hit the above mark with 3 hours until top of the tide.  Weather was heavy rain, north westerlies around 20mph gusting much stronger, medium small tide similar size to the previous.  A couple of sheckles in the kitty saw the banter flying back and forth.  Ian was first in with a pouting 18cm’s quickly followed with a flounder of 25cm for Dai which was then beaten by Vic’s 29cm dab.  Vic then had a great bite on his light gear a 33cm Whiting, a tidy fish we all agreed.  An hour into the flood Dai hooked into a 37cm Whiting which was worthy of the kitty. 

Ian had a bright idea, “we won’t count dogfish; ok boys?”  yea no problem everyone agreed.  Within seconds Ian caught one of the biggest dogfish you’d ever see, well over the 2lb mark.  37cm was pipped by 38cm but still Dai held the lead until......   Top of the tide you could hear the buzz from up the mark a decent fish had been caught.  The usual craic; you could put a saddle on that etc.  What was it we all wondered?  As Lee brought this nice fish in they all thought it was a codling.  On landing we all realised that it was the biggest Whiting they had seen off the shore for....   well for ever for some of them.  It measured 51cm and weighed 2lb 5oz

It was caught on a big hook with a big chunk of mackerel.  You may as well take the kitty now they all said but everyone was pleased to see such a specimen.  Lots more fish around the mid to high 30cm’s mark were caught.   4.00 am soon came and ian and Victor who had agreed to fish the next day had to call it a night, Lee also.  Dai stayed for a bit longer.

 Vic who fishes one rod size one hook one up one down paternoster had around a doz whiting and a dab.

Lee had 15 whiting including the monster and taking the kitty.

Ian fished size 2 two up one down pats on two rods, Mackie and squid for bait had 21 whiting, 3 doggies and a flounder taking these home only a handful being undersize.  

Dai had a similar number to Ian with similar rigs with his customary small chunks of Mackie and took these for the pot.

 the doggie went back

Wed Dec 21 North Gower Flounder Mark

After a couple of hours kip Ian and Vic were up and about on the hunt for some maddies.  Tried several tackle shops with no joy.  So reluctantly the gruesome duosome settled for a couple of ounces of maddies and half a lb of king rag and half a lb of lug.  The plan being to mix the bait up a bit.  So a bad start without the premium bait for the mark and Ian had a face like a stripper who had just realised that she had been booked for the (come once a year) Santa Claus  Bukkake club annual meet. 

They arrived at the mark a little later than intended but had their bait in the water for 12 already a good way into the flood.    Brisk Northwesterly small/medium tide making. At first they fished in a gulley, Ian had  wishbone on one rod and a three down flapper both with bling, vic a one up one down paternoster.  nothing for the first half hour and debris in the water was being a real pain but then all of a sudden three or four small flounder within a couple of minutes all falling to king rag saw Ian's mood brighten up. 

the next few casts saw a few more fish getting a bit bigger and all falling to king rag.

This one had a few ulcers on it.  Cormorants perhaps

The gulley filled and the water flooded the cockle bed and this is when the fish really came on the feed.  Vic was catching fish in 8 inches of water. Every cast with the wishbone rig no matter the bait came in with a double shot of flounder.

The biggest being 1. 6 lb it says 4 on the scale but ian must have took some weight up when he held the tail.  Not sure if its 1.6lb or 1lb 6oz will have to check.

Top of the tide came and went and the fish were still on the feed.  The two only deciding to call it a day as fatigue set in.  Ian took 7 fish home out of the 20 or so he caught.  Vic who is very discriminating against flounders didn't take any from his bag of around 15 but gave one to Ian which was bleeding heavily,

Fri 23 Dec West Pier

Dai crocker and Rob Laite decided to fish an hour or so up and 2 or 3 back on the West Pier.  Rob who was determined to catch a conger had huge baits out and didn't do so well at that.  Dai on the other hand fished his usual method 2 up one down small hooks and small baits and had a reasonable time of it.  Landing a good number of whiting up to 42 cms.  Dai informed that it was a fish a cast until it went dark and then the bites dropped off significantly.  Strong South Westerlies. medium/high tide making

A Merry Christmas from the Penlan Angling Section

WE 18/12/2011

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Wed 14 Dec West Pier

Andrew Smith decided to fish above after 1 cast and nearly  being blown off the beach by the observatory tower on Swansea Bay. , He was the only one there and went right to the end, he had 3 or 4 casts into the sea side but was impossible to tell if he had a bite or not,  so he tried the river side which was really lumpy. It was a lot better with the rod low in the stand and after a few casts he had his1st knock a whiting around half pnd, back she went, blank beaten.   He went to bait up once more and his mackerel had vanished!!! bloody rats it must have been a team effort to carry off a whole mackerel!  This left him with one last fish so he kept an eye on that one close to his feet.  There was  nothing for an hour till top tide when the rod went again and a tidy whiting over a pnd 34cm, two more casts and a better whiting 39cm.   He then  missed a few more bites as they came on the feed with one bite nearly pulling his rod off the stand.  He had to go earlier than planned as he had run out of bait.   thanks to Roland and his mates but he left happy in the end.  The fish went in the forman grill and was shared with the grateful dog.  Happy days!!   Brother and wind up merchant Lee informed that he'd been texting him all night ,sending him scary texts  trying to put the frighteners up him.  Andrew informed that it worked for a bit especially when his bait disappeared

Fri 16 Dec Knab Rock

With  Aberystwyth cancelling the match on the coming Sat on Thurs night because of the adverse weather conditions in West Wales, Dai Croc and Ian decided to fish the above mark from 7.00pm until whenever... a medium tide, falling which would be fully in by 10.00pm.  They arrived at the mark the same time as a massive squall with 40mph gusts with hailstones, rain and sleet and cats and dogs.....  They decided to wait it out for 5 mins, after 10 and it didn’t stop they decided that they have to get the bait in the water or there was no point coming here.  Ian almost cried i don’t have my leggings...  As they  walked to the Mark (which was about 20 paces from the car) two shifty characters swooped onto their chosen hallowed ground,the scene of so many previous conquests (and blanks).  Great! They thought, pants weather, and now they’d have to fish in their second choice mark.  But as they set up the guys (who turned out to be regulars there, who Dai knew quite well) thought better than fishing into the wind and vacated the prize spot and fished within the shelter of their van. 

Within 10mins our bait was in the water, if anything the weather was getting worse, after half an hour Ian was just going to ask to call this and go home.  When, hey presto!  The weather broke and the fish came on the feed Dai was first in with this lovely 17” whiting.   Which had given him a massive slack liner and had to be over a 1lb 1/2.

 He then seemed to be casting into dogfish city,every cast was met by one of these bait robbers.  As he hauled them up the side one of the fellas was making realistic woof woof noises, which everyone (except Dai) though twas hilarious especially as they were all into nice whiting. 

 As the latest Woof!  Woof! Echoed around the place Ian looked at his rod tip which was quivering strangely, that’s not the wind he thought and hauled in a treble shot of whiting top hook which was baited with macie, Dab on middle hook baited with Mackie and doggy on the bottom hook baited with ragworm. 

The temperature then dropped dramatically and everything around was starting to freeze, it got so cold at one point that the lads were praying for 5 mins without a bite so they could warm up their frozen fingers. Around this point one of the van shelter guys caught this excellent specimen which must have been 2lb. 

By now Ian was into the doggies and Dai the nice size whiting, suddenly for Ian the ‘woof!  Woof!’ noises were not so funny.

It continued all night like this, they fished until nearly one and they only stopped as there was hardly any water left, but as Ian reeled in his last effort he reeled a nice whiting in from the shallows.  Ian took these 5 home out of 17 whiting caught,

 Most went back ok but there were some inevitable casualties.  He also had 1 dab and 13 Doggies some of them whoppers, where are these when I’m fishing competitions?  Ian grumbled more than once.

Dai had around the dozen mark of both whiting and doggies and as usual when these two fish together the biggest fish of the night.

Sun Nov 18 Swansea Breakwater

Jon Richards was up at the crack of dawn to fish the latest SWWASAC competition run on this magnificent mark.  With a good draw right up by the east pier he was optimistic.  He reported he hooked into loads of fish but only managed to land a couple of doggies and 3 x 30 odd cm whiting which had given him some 200 odd points.  But seeing as Joe Arch had over 700 points he had fallen well short of the mark  Jon informed that he had lost loads of fish as it was very difficult to land anything from his peg as he was very close to some  boulders which could not be reached by climbing down.  he said it was quite frustrating as he could sometimes see the fish before he had to pull for break. 

Sun Nov 18 Horton Bay

There was no club venue this week so everyone who fished ended up at different venues.  Ian had arranged to fish with his long term fishing buddy Victor.  Oxwich or Horton was the choice. They decided on the above mark as the winds had dropped.  bait was maddies, mackie, squid.  They arrived at the beach the night was still,  light north westerlies, the water  still had a bit of lump to it  but we were holding bottom easily as the medium sized tides were falling and there was not much right to left movement.  Ian fished size four hook, two up one down paternoster on one  rod with a couple of luminous beads on each snood and a wishbone running ledger type rig on the other with loads of bling.  victor chose one up one down with beads, size one on both set ups.  For the first two hours Ian had, had one double shot of pouting, whiting (the pouting just worth keeping about 2/3rds of a lb) and Vic a titchy schoolie bass. 

The small fish were being a real pest robbing the bait almost immediately, as soon as they cast in the rod tip would vibrate furiously for 5 mins then nothing. They'd fished here before in the summer on every state of tide and had been mostly unsuccessful and they envisioned a similar result this time.

However after another hour it was a fish a cast for ian.  Nothing massive but medium to small whiting which in the main went back nicely.  Obviously there were some casualties but as long as they were not touched with bare hands they went back. 

also a nice little Turbot.  Which soon got us baiting the bottom hooks up with fishbait hoping for its grandmother.


this was not to be and the whiting continued to play ball until top of the tide.  Vic was steadfastly unwilling to go down a hook size determined to only catch something worth taking but the whiting were biting ferociously.   However he managed three schoolies, 3 pouting and 2 whiting.  Ian had 15 whiting, 2 pouts and a mini turbot.

 Sun Nov 18 Knab Rock

Dai Crocker had originally intended to fish with Ian and Vic but circumstances had interjected and he found himself on knab rock.  he reports that the place was swarming with anglers and he was unable to get to the mark of his choice even though he was there before there was any water to fish in.  Nevertheless by top of the tide he had managed 16 whiting 5 of which were keepers and as he only keeps those around a lb or bigger he didn't have a bad night.   3 of the keepers below.

W/E 11.12.2011

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Wed 7th Dec, West Pier

Lyn Price reported that he fished the  above mark from 2-30p.m - 6-00p.m.  Going on to say that for bait he had mackerel and squid, catching mini whiting and pout by the bucketful very few tidy ones, as it turned to dusk good old doggies came on the feed almost as numerous as mini whiting, gave up at 6pm, enjoyable afternoon despite stiff winds.

Fri 9th Dec Knab Rock

Dai Crocker fished above and from the outset was catching whiting on his new method of using small chunks of mackerel on small hooks.  Its proving successful too.  He had almost thirty fish out with around a dozen keepers of which he kept 1/2 dozen and giving some anglers nearby who were not doing so well a few too.  

All of the others went back to fight another day.  One was a nice 42cm and weighed bang on a 1lb 1/2 the next day.  

Pretty strong southwesterlies, a nearly full moon rising tides that were already pretty big.

Sun 11 Dec Aberavon Beach

It was the clubs annual fur and feather match up for grabs was two turkeys and a £20 tackle voucher.  Aberavon was chosen so that everyone would be able to get there as it is such easy access.  However the weather wasn't kind to us and only 6 intrepid anglers out of the nearly 20 in the club turned in.   Most had work commitments but some had a bad case of sugarlumpitis.   It was agreed in the previous Mondays meeting that we would fish from bottom up for four hours, therefore Dai Crocker, Ian, Andrew Smith, lee, Martyn and Apples slugged it out for the prizes. A turkey for biggest fish, a turkey for biggest bag via the SAMF scale and the voucher for most species.  They arrived at Aberavon to be greeted by a full gale in the face.  OOOOoooof!!!!!   they all thought.  Anyway there were prizes up for grabs

The strong westerlies must have meant that the tide didn't go out as far as usual as for the first 2 hours of the flood the water hardly moved, no fish either.  Not that you would have been able to see a bite anyway.  Everyone was getting a bit wobbly, never mind we'll raffle the prizes...  Lee was first in with a 20 odd cm whiting just as the tide started to move up the beach, quickly followed by Ian with a similar fish.  Andrew was next to get off the blank with a 30cm bass.  Martyn notched up 26cm of flounder and Dai 30cm.  Apples got off the blank with a 22cm whiting.  Ian had 2 more whiting and 1 Rockling Lee one more whiting.  that was all the fish but quite nicely no-one blanked

So first prize was a draw between Andrew and Dai.  They had a turkey each.  Ian had biggest bag with 39 points, most species was also Ian winning a turkey also.  As we had to buy another turkey it was decided to keep the tackle voucher for another occasion as the club rules state one prize per angler. 

WE 4.12.2011

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Tues 29th Knab Rock.

Ian, Andy and Dai Crocker had decided to fish the above mark.  The Evening started off badly with Andy having to cancel as he was still in work near Merthyr and couldn't envisage getting home by 8.00pm  Awww gutted for you!!!  was the response from the two other sympathetic anglers.   after a suitably measured pause of about a third of a second they asked; What you doing with your bait:lol:?  Its yours Andy replied with a sigh. 

Off the other two trundled via Andys house to pick up his bait and  arrived at Knab for 7.00pm and quickly the baits were in the water.  Bait was lug, maddies, mackerel and squid.  Bites were fast and furious from the start.  Ian was first in with a flounder which was caught on the top hook of a 2 up 1 down rig baited with mackerel even though the bottom hooked baited with maddies:o .

Then it was dogfish on all baits for a while.  sometimes coming in two at a time even managing double hook ups on pennel rigs with the big bait hoping for a codling.  by the end of the night Ian had caught 15 doggies, a flounder, a Dab and a Whiting.

In the meantime Dai had caught a similar amount of dogs but was also catching a significant amount of whiting as well.  Some of them of a takeable size.  Lyn Price reliably informed that he had given Dai a tip of just using small micro baits.  This presumably was used to great effect and was certainly the tactic of the day, Ian feeling well trounced by packing up time.  Dai had close to 20 whiting in total and also managed a dab to boost his species to 3

South westerly winds picking up to quite a strength at top of the tide, one of the biggest tides of the cycle.  Weather was really squally with a hailstone shower with massive lumps at top of the tide.  The wind picked up with Andy's bait bucket being saved on the edge as it blew away

Fri 2 Sept Baldwins Beach

Lee and his mate Stead risked the dunes at this mark.  Dashing though like nervous schoolgirls probably being eyed up by the locals who dreamed of making them "squeal like a pig".

They fished slightly to the right of the entrance to the beach and were blanking half way to top of the tide but by now aching from all of the weed that they had dragged in.  They decided to call it quits as it was becoming unfishable with all the weed and try their luck on the west pier.  They ran the gauntlet of the sand dunes and they fished the west pier for a couple more hours and caught a couple of pin whiting and a rockling for their troubles.  No blank but still quite a frustrating session for the two.

Sun 4 Sept Llan Y Bri

This idea was hatched in the club meeting on the Monday and it started like this.  Glen " I know a great mark 70 yards from the car fishing into deep water from solid bank"s.  "Do we need waders?" we all asked.  "No way!"  a concrete path all the way declared Glen.  Sunday arrived and off we set Ritchie, Paul ( Apples), Ian, Dai Crocker, Lyn,  Glen and his lad Cory leaving at 7.00 am  meeting up and on the m4 by 7.20.  All looking forward to our stroll.  We arrived and met up with Glens mate nice and bright and early our hooks will be in the water in 10 minutes they all thought. 

Over an hour later and 3 or 4 pounds of sweat lighter we arrived at the mark.  We;d had to cross a reasonable sized pill, climb over fences and gates wade through 2 feet of manure slurry.  OH!!  Funny 70 yards many grumbled at the by now sheepish Glen.:roll::o 

Dai and Ian were glad they had ignored the advice regarding waders but Lyn with just the work boots on declined to cross and decided to try to skirt along for a route across, he found one but was not fishing for a further 40 mins quite a way away from the others.  

Once there hooks were soon in the water and the smell of bacon wafted down the estuary Glen was soon forgiven and when the fish started playing ball as well he was forgiven even more.  From about 2 1/2 hours from top up until top the fishing was non stop.  Cory was first in with a nice flounder around 30 cm, quickly followed by everyone else that is, except for Dai Crocker who couldn't catch a cold, he had a face like a choir boy who had just been asked to stay after choir practice by the priest:lol:.  Everyone was on fish 5 or 6 before Dai had a bite.  Eventually he had a double shot

and quickly caught up with everyone else which cheered him up.  

Ian who looks slightly happy with a treble shot, if you look very closely you can see the third and smallest one in front of the topmost fish


Apples 39 cm fish

That yellow dot by the rainbow in the picture above is Lyn. 

At the end of the day we had to tackle those gulleys again but as the fishing was so good we did this with good grace.

Fish of the day and part of Lyns 18 fish haul for 554 points via the SAMF fish length to points scale, was this fat  2lb 4oz 44cm flounder.  Lyn said it took the bait close to the surface on the retrieve no more than 6 or 7 feet away from where he stood. 


Apples had a club record 652 points for his 15 fish.  Ian had 570 for 15 measurable fish one didn't count as under 18cm making a total of 16 fish.  Dai Crocker had a total of 12 fish with 11 measured for 438 points.  Glen had a commendable 9 fish worth 337 points, had he fished the rod his lad Cory had fished for 8 fish and and an admirable 289 points he might have given apple a run for his money.   Ritchie had 15 fish for 499 points.

These totals are supplemented with 10 attendance points and go onto the league which can be found here

WE 27.11.2011

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Mon 21 Nov Redwick

Lee and his mates went mudskipping up at Redwick.  They had a mixed day.  Lee had two codling over 2lb and his friends had one or two as well.  All fish were caught quite early in the tide and only a small whiting was caught once they were forced off the ledges.  South easterlies were blamed for the slow fishing, lug for bait.  medium tide rising significantly.

Lee's Fish

They also had a few scares where they needed to pull each other out of the mud once or twice with the tide making and at their heels.

Tue 22 Nov  West Pier.

Lyn Price fished two or three up and one or two back here on Tues Afternoon.  Bait was maddies and mackie.  He was into medium sized whiting staight away  but the average size was 18cm - 25cm.  Len had around about 30 of these, plus had several between 30cm - 35cm, lots of small pouting showing as well.  An enjoyable afternoon`s fishing informed Lyn.  Medium tides making a southerly wind with the slightest touch of west you can imagine. 

Tues 22 - Wed 23 Nov Pink Bay.

Ian and Dai Crocker got hold of some nice lug and some dirty squid and went for an exploratory session near PorthCawl They met up with Simon who was selling a reel, who suggested that they give Rest Bay and Pink bay a miss as it is dogfish central at the minute.  He also give them a tip to get to Pink bay a bit quicker.  A session on the dogs sounded quite appetising to these two as they had been starved of bites at Llansteffan on the previous session, so with the mark decided,  off they trundled with only the vaguest directions from Simon. luckily Dai spotted a dogwalker who helped with directions and within  20 minutes they were on Pink bay with their tackle out. 

They had arrived at around 20 minutes before bottom and sure enough as Simon had predicted the first three casts for Ian resulted in 3 doggies.  He also lost four lots of tackle shockleader the lot with fish on, possibly doggies.  It was snaggy where they were at bottom.  Dai was using a paternoster Ian pulley pennell, an hour into the flood and boy did it come in at a rate of knots and the race oddly seemed to go from left to right.  You'd think it would go west to east.  which was right to left.  An hour into the flood saw Dai catch this nice Codling of over 2lb.

Ian had a small flobber but that was it for the rest of the night.  The remaining 5 hours of the flood resulted in a blank.  The South westerly picked up significantly towards the top of the tide and both found it hard to hold bottom with 6oz grippers.  Both were left awe-inspired with the massive swells and surges.  They don't plan to fish top of the tide here again in a hurry.

Fri 25 Nov Vale of Glamorgan Low water mark

Jon went to this mark with his friends from Fairwood Tony and Jamie.  Tides were almost the biggest of the cycle and they decided to fish a couple of hours out and the same back.  Jon reported that he had an impressive pouting of a 1 1/2 lbs,  Tony had a flobber and a codling but Jamie had a codling that was knocking on the door of 5lb.  Conditions were very windy bait was lug and squid.

Fri 25 Nov Swansea Bay

With his mouth in shape for a good ol session and there being no room in the car to VOG mark above Ian decided to fish Swansea Bay observatory.  He arrived a half hour before bottom and set up cast out, then proceeded to collect some of the hooching hermit crab that was around the place, the sea was dead calm at this point, he thought he'd keep the crab for later when they might be some surf and with it bass.  He also found this creature.

those spines were actually a gold colour. 

It was a two hundred yard wade until the water was over his knees.  The water was also out further than the breakwater so he decided to uses some if the bigger hermits up in search of a ray, as he was wading past plenty.  The fishing was steady all night with dogfish and whiting, nothing worthy of manking up his phone to take a picture.   As the tide came in the weather worsened until about 5 am the rain was coming in sideways and the surf was up.  At this point ian headed onto the marina itself by the side of county hall and fished off the wall there, which meant he would be fishing into deeper water and also provided a little shelter from the strong south westerlies.  The pulley pennel 3/0 rig continued to catch fish but nothing on the flapper.  Perhaps it was too rough for smaller hooks and bait with only the bigger bait on the pennel able to attract any attention.  

not sure if this video gives you some idea of how rough it was.

27 Nov Black Pill.

With the master baiters fishing the Top Peaches this weekend, a team that contains some of the best fishermen and longest casters in wales and are winning the league by quite a margin.  A cunning plan was needed.  we'll take them out of their comfort zone we thought and take them here.  the reason being the tide comes in here faster than anywhere else we know. No need to cast far we thought because you empty your reel in 20 minutes walking back.   Also it would be pretty difficult to take a team box spare rod and reel etc.     Unfortunately the SA1 club were roped in to fish a round robin type match.  We as a club would never have nominated such a mark for these guys. 

Well anyway our plan nearly worked as Ian was in the lead against Shaun Tucker with a minute to go alas Shaun reeled in a small whiting which barely made legitimacy being bang on 18cm in the very last second.  A  4-1 loss to these guys would have been a result, but it was not to be.  Unfortunately we lost the match to SA1 as well, with Lyn Price and Rob Laite the only ones to trouble the scorers.  Two points from the 10 on offer:/.   Ian has fished this mark many times and had never seen some of the fish that these guys were catching come off there. apparantly Top peaches aim to put a complaint into the league for our choice of venue :lol:

Ian had 2 whiting and a 5 bearded rockling for 27 points.  Dai Croc had four Rockling and a schoolie for 36 points.  Lyn Price 2 doggies and a whiting for 115 points,  Rob Laite a whiting and doggie for 110, martyn scored 97 for 2 schoolies and and a doggie.  Dai Richards scored a blank but he didn't have much bait.  The individual fish scores can be viewed!/view.aspx?cid=76F92DFE99250E72&resid=76F92DFE99250E72!235" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here

Our internal league points have been added with only Ritchies to go on who fishes for the SA1 club.