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WE 25/03/2012

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Wed 21st March Swansea bay.

Lyn fished here, a few hours up and a bit back making tides with king rag and fish bait.  He reported fishing was very slow,but he did catch a few small whiting and this 39cm....  well you make your mind up to what it was.   Lyn thought a Plaice.

Ian and Lee suggested it was a flounder, Dai a hybrid of the two.  A consensus was reached and we have a plaber PLaice dAB floundER  Please feel free to leave a comment. 

Fri 23rd March Morfa Beach

Lee, Stead, Dai Crocker, James, Neil and Ian had an inkling that this beach would fish well with reports of the odd ray showing around the place.  They were hoping for one of those nights in early summer when the rays first show in numbers and feed like mad.  Unfortunately the unseasonably good weather had not translated into summer type fishing.  The lads arrived two hours before bottom water to ideal fishing conditions.  Just enough surf you would have thought. Bait was sand eel, squid, crab and lug.  tides were making slightly the next tide being the highest of the cycle.Wind was Southerly with a hint of east gusts to the mid teens. 

Lee had two dogfish before low There was nothing else caught at all until bottom when Lee hooked into this reasonable small eyed 18/19 inches across around 5lb. 

This fish drew level with his fish two weeks ago in the fish of the month competition.  Lee has the top three fish this month so far.  He's been warned to take his time and not to show the rest of us up too much or he will be getting wet next time.

Ian had two dogs and Stead the one to beat the blank, but there was no other fish to trouble the scorers. 

Ian did wonder what he had on when he reeled this heavy crab in

After 2 1/2 hours of the flood it was getting late so the boys headed off home.  Grumbling to their selves all the way back to the carpark, cammie junt one was heard muttering.  well thats what it sounded like.  

Sun 25 March Swansea Bay Slip Bridge 

Today was the day of the the much anticipated bottom of the  table clash Penlan Master Baiters B against Cwmafon Sea Dogs.  Trash had been talked all week with the banter between the captains including suggesting grapes were a  good bait on this beach.   So everyone was looking forward.  7 keen members vied for a chance of getting in the team to fish  for Penlan against these Trash talking valley boys.  Unfortunately cwmafon could only field three.  fairplay to them though they were still up for it even teasing that they only need three to beat us dull boys that had forgotten to add the hour on the tide for BST.

Right then time to play the ace cards, top angler and all round cammie junt Lee was first on the team sheet followed by Lyn the plaber catcher and the unbeaten Apples.  Dai Crocker and Paul Stead to claim the two walk overs.  Ian and Ray didn't even make  the subs bench both exchanged a sullen look. 

Bait was a bit of everything.  south easterly whiffs flat seas and glorious weather.  Ian was first in catching some pin whitings.  He looked around to make sure everyone noticed the pitfalls of dropping this lad.  To be honest the fishing was slow everywhere.   Ian caught a few dogs and whiting, dai crocker caught some dogs to justify his walk over and so did Stead.  ray blanked.  Penlan 2- 0.

Apples who was top rod for the day with over 150 points whooped Bob their Banter monkey captain who, to put the icing on the cake, blanked.  To make it 3-0.  Steady Eddie Lyn just pipped Tugg by a fish  to make it 4-0.  So it was up to Lee to make it a whitewash.  surely this  remarkable fisherman wouldn't fail the team, after all he was fishing with his lucky Spurs rod that he built himself.  Fish fear this winner of the last 3 r 4 friday night club venues on the bounce.  As he walked up the beach the 5 - 0 had almost been written on the card.  i blanked he was heard to mutter as dale hadn't, he claimed the remaining point for the Sea dogs.  everyone hoped that Lee hadn't taken the threats to take him swimming to seriously.  a further theory was put forward regarding his Spurs rod.  Namely that the rod is like the football team.  They play lovely football but once theres something important on the match, down they go. :-) 

Penlan 4-1 Cwmafon

Fish to beat in FOTM Lee 18 inch small eyed

WE 18/03/2012

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Tues 13th March Cefn Sidan

Dai Crocker and his mate Andy fished here on a highish tide.  Dai was soon into the flatties capturing a handful of flounder.  Towards top of the tide the lovely early spring weather got remarkably cold with quite a stiff breeze.  As andy had neglected to bring suitable clothing both anglers called it a day early.   Medium tide falling

Thurs 15th March Lady Jue

Ian and Lee had been planning a trip on a charter boat for some time and when they heard that Rob Rennie had made his summer move too Swansea earlier in the week they made their minds up to go out with this skipper who has a great reputation.

The plan was a session on the Spurs and maybe a bit of inshore mixed fishing when the tide was at its fiercest.  They steamed for around an hour before arriving at the chosen mid channel deep water mark in the fog. 

As soon as the anchor bit everyone had their bait and hooks overboard and the bacon and sausage sarnies began to roll.  6 Anglers and Rob on board 4 of whom were straight into the fish even though they were nowhere near slack water.  The two which were yet to catch were  Ian and Lee they watched fish after fish arrive over the side and were yet to get a bite.  The only difference between the tackle they were using and the rest of the company was that they were using wire snoods after an hour or so of this plan b was implemented and they changed to 200lb mono hook lengths.  As soon as this happened Lee was into this double figure fish leaving Ian to be the only one still blanking.  Lee with his Spurs hat

  He quickly stole lee's position in the boat and with a relieved sigh was also into the fish. 

This continued until midday when the tide started to run strongly once more. At this point Steve was into the biggest fish a spur of about 14lb and in the lead for the pool.

Rob decided to move in shore for a bit of mixed fishing which was a bit of an anti-climax Rob himself had a big fish on at one point but lost it after playing it for 15 or so minutes. 

Ian had a thorny of around 6 or 7 lb and was the butt of everyones jokes as he struggled to get this fish onboard in the current.  It was like pulling a mattress up of the sea bed in the current.  He was still the victim of everyones jibes until one of the other lads named herbie on board hooked into a 10lb blonde that he at first couldn't budge.  It took line and surfaced around 150yards uptide with arms already aching Rob pulled the anchor and we steamed after it and decided to keep steaming back to the original mark this morning for the next period of slack water and hopefully some more spurs.  

They arrived back at the deepwater mark and caught a handful of spurs but it was not the same as the session in the morning however lee had a thorny of around the same size as Ians and two of the other lads had some nice eels one around the mid 20lbs which took the pool.  Ian also had his 200lb mono hook length bitten through after one particularly nice bite.

In total there 105 Spurs boated 2 or 3 eels 3 or 4 Rays and umpteen dogfish around 20 fish per man.They steamed home for an hour getting off the boat around 7 perfectly contented with the days fishing and hadn't even touched their own flasks or sandwich boxes.

Fri 16th March Loughor Ashtips

Lyn Price fished here bait mudworm fished 10-45a.m - 2-15pm 2 flounder 30cm & 37cm he also reported that he had numerous tiddlers which is a good sign for later this year and next year.

Fri 16th March Rhossili

James and ian were the only ones that could make this Friday nights session, a mixture of commitments meant most of the other lads had to miss what is becoming a bit of a tradition for the master baiters.  They arrived on the beach to find quite a good sourtherly which blows left to right on this beach.  It was strong enough that grippers were needed to hold bottom which was not ideal as the target species were probably bass and flounder and maybe the odd dab. They fished from two hours into the flood until top right in fromt of the white house.  The first two casts for Ian resulted in these two border line fish which were both returned.

These proved to be the only two fish of the night.  With the conditions worsening and the angling not improving the two decided to pack up early and tackle that horrible walk off.

Sun 18th March Penlan V's Gowerton  Llangenith.

Nine anglers turned out for the 5 man team for Penlan a team this month which is fantastic.  Ian, Jonny, Richard, james, Martin, Ray, Apples, Glen and Stead. The team was chosen by the Captain Jon basically if you had maddiesyou were in luckily five anglers had this premium bait for flounders.

Ian fished against Dai, Jonny against Brian, Ritchie against Mushroom and James against Ian and Martin fished against another one of the Gowerton lads.  All fish caught were flounder and all match caught fish without exception fell to some sort of maddie bait wether that was alug cocktail or plain maddies. Some of the guys who fished without maddies had one or two fish but none had the success of theguys further up the beach in the match. 

Jonny set the pace he seemed to be catching fish every 20 mins or so, Brian was not far behind him though.   At one  point they were pretty equal with jon on 7 and brian on 5 slightly bigger fish.   Jonny in the end caught 13 fish and Brian about 8 or 9 but brian had some biggies. 

1 - 0 Penlan

Ian raced into a 4 fish lead against Dai but  was mostly into low scoring low 30 odd cmfish at top of tide Dai put a bit of a spurt on and in the end it was 6 fish to 4 to Ian but only winning by the odd point as Dais fish were much bigger.

2 - 0 Penlan

James and Ian were neck and neck all match but James pipped him at the post again a 6 - 4  tally.

3 - 0 Penlan

martyn won his match as his opponent blanked.  Martyn had two or three.

4 - 0

Ritchie didn't know the score until we got back to the carpark as he was unable to follow his opponent to the whitehouse being a bit fragile these days.  He caught 3 fish  and his opponent just the one.  The final result was Penlan 5 Gowerton 0. 

~A great result against some fantastic lads.


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you know its been a slow month when a 34cm flounder wins fish of the month Just pipping  apples 33cm bass

Ian receiveing his voucher from club Chairman Lyn 

WE 11.03.2012

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Sun 11th March Swansea Bay

Apples, Bob, Viv, Ian, Dai, Lyn, Glen, Lee and Stead competed in the latest Penlan Mater baiters points venue.  Fishing on one of the biggest tides the year proved quite difficult until the water hit the steeper part of the beech, which gave all anglers a well deserved breather.  Bait was mostly lug and a mixture of fish baits. Notmuch in the way of wind and the water was very calm considering the tide height.  Ian fished the first two hours without his lucky hat, because he had left it in lees van on Fri night. No sooner had he collected it  and put it on and he was in first with a 5bd rockling.  quickly followed by some 3 whiting.  Then he had five doggies.  Lee and Stead had a doggie each at the top of the tide.  Dai had a doggie and a whiting.  lenny had two doogies, two whiting and a turbot,

Apples had a nice bite but had to pull out of a snag and lost his trace.  He went back the next day to settle his mind and took this photo.  he tried claiming the points too.  The poor fish had been struggling for ages judging by the marks in the sand.  please people think before littering the beach


Current league places.

Fri 9th March Vale of Glamorgan low water mark.

Ian,Dai Lee Stead and James thought they would take advantage of the spring tides to maybe get some hooks and bait into areas that ussually don't see a hook.  They aimed to fish two hours either side of low water.  rays were the target species with that in mind and there being no peelers around sand eel and squid were the bait of choice.  Lee had some lugworm too.  Weather was almost perfect light winds but boy was it foggy.  visibility was about 50 or so yards.  There was nothing caught on the backtide until low water when lee had this nice small eyed around 5lb sand eel squid wrap. 

Then there was a flurry of activity with dogfish coming on the feed.  luckily not hooking many with the big hooks. ian had one doggie to beat the blank and stead.  As it was so foggy and such a dangerous place we decided to  pack up earlier than normal.  Discretion being the better part of valour and such. As we were reeling in to pack up Lee pulled this welcome character out of the depths on his lucky spurs rod he built himself.

It weighed 5lb 13oz the next day was prob 6lb on the beach. 

WE 4.3.2012

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Horton Fri 2nd March



Dai, Lee, Stead, Ian, Apples and Ray fished the above mark.  Bait and tackle one pulley pennel and one small hook affair.  Bait was maddies, lug and several types of fishbait.  Weather was a stiff southerly, with a touch of east.  Which made fishing awkward as there was quite a bit of left to right in the water and holding bottom was quite hard.


Lee was first in with a small coalie.  Quickly followed Apples with a tiny pouting then ian with a minute whiting. Lee and apples had a couple of titchy flatties a flounder and turbot respectively.  Towards top of the tide lee was in again with a micro rockling.


The other guys didn't trouble the scorers.


WE 26/02/2012

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SA1 Old Dock Wed 22nd Feb

Dai, Lee, Ian, Andy and his lad Ryan fished the above venue.  Ryan rushed into the lead with pin whiting closely followed by his uncle lee and his dad with two a piece. Dai was next in with a whiting leaving ian to sulk contemplating another blank.  Lee and Andy had pumped some worm which they generously shared and we had various fish baits including some cockles left over from Oxwich  on Sunday.  weather was light rain and westerly light breeze, the state of tide was not an issue as the water is locked in. 

Eventually Ian caught a small whiting straight down against the side of the wall and cracked a smile.  He finished with about 6 fish around the same as Dai and Andy but Ryan and Lee caught the most on the day with a handful more.

SE Swigg Bouy Sat 25th Feb

Well this was the third time at the mark near Swansea inner Green Grounds mid channel marker buoy.  Todays conditions completely different to last time.  A massive tide with no wind to speak of to start with which would rise towards the end of the day to the mid teens.  However there was quite a residual swell which was quite significant.  There were hardly any boats out which was surprising or maybe not as it was the day of the big England v Wales Triple Crown showdown.  I don't know what all the fuss is about. Anyone with a fair mind and an open eye can see it wasn't a try.  :champ:



As we had had a fair smattering of dabs the week before vic had decided to to use his favourite wishbone rig.  with plenty of bling, ian still the two up one down baited muppets for the whiting. big baits on the other rod hoping for a late cod.  Fishing was slow plenty of lesser spotted Swansea bay trout showing on the big baits.  its amazing how these guys can get a full squid baid on a 4/0 pennel system down their gregory's but some how they manage it.


The odd whiting and dab showing on the smaller baits but nothing to write home about.  In fact at times the flow of water was so fast that 12 oz weighted braid was not holding bottom.  


This continued until bottom water when ian had a good bite on the small stuff.  5 minutes later this little beauty was aboard.  A beautiful Spurdog.  As you can see ian is quite chuffed.


Vic doesn't like any kind of dogfish on his boat, he rather grumpily calls all dogfish growlers.  they're all the same to him and he would get no pleasure from catching what he would call a spur growler, he's the same with hounds which he calls smooth growlers.  

 However ian was greatful for vics skill on the net as he had a snap off as he tried to bully the fish into the net.  Nearly crying he looked up to see his mucker skillfully lift his catch out of the water, with a grin and a wink that only experienced guys can give their apprentices.  


With this slow growing fish its important you don't stress them as she may abort her pups that she is undoubtedly carrying as the gestation period is some two years.  If this ones is near the 8lb -10lb range she would be probably be 20 years old.  A quick photo and back to the depths she went.

Sun 26th Feb knab rock

Some members fished her this sunday.  the only catch that was reported was Lyn who said that he had a double shot of small whiting and even smaller dogfish. Will fill in as reports arrive


W/E 19.02.2012

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Oxwich Sun 19 Feb

A good turn out for the latest penlan master baiters club venue.  Dai Crocker, Dai Richards, Martyn, Ray, Apples, Bob, Ian, Lyn and Andy arrived at the beach and it was hooching with anglers.  IT looked like there was another club match going  on there so all the lads had take a 20 min stroll up the beach to find some space. once they set up it was noticed that all the other anglers buggared off which was a bit of a bummer.  a lovely day the sea was gin clear and hardly a ripple. 

fishing was hard with only 4 fish all flounder caught between the 8 anglers.  This one the biggest at 32cm

Morfa Beach 17 Feb

 Ian, dai and Apples decided to give this beach a go after work on Friday.  This beach is another mark that is under threat.  This time the bully boys are TATA steel they have the majority of the land adjacent to the beach and has sealed off access.  They have also anounced that they are moving a historical right of way. There are ways on however but they do take some effort.  On the way on they took the direct route over the dunes which still takes a 35 min hike however the dunes do take it out of you.  The lads fished somewhere near the blue arrow



They arrived to a clear night with a southwesterly gusting to 20 odd mph, small tide.  Bait lug, sand eel and Apples had some maddies.  We fished an hour back 3 hours up.  Fishing was slow with no bites at all until the start of the flood, then there were a few bites.  ian hooked into something heavy but couldn't shift it.  Eventually he had to pull for a snap.  Apples had a nice bite, responsible was this little beast of 33cm spikey and full of menace apples popped him back.  




As for Ian and Dai, they saw a toad



they walked along the pathway on the way back which was longer but less strenuous






Ian and Victor headed for their usual mark a coupla hundred yards east of the SWIGG.


There were masses of fish showing on the fishfinder.  Both were optimistic from the start as the last time there had been quite successful.  The fishing was good from the start with masses of doggies and whiting.  Some quite good whiting to a 1 1/2 lbs and a few dabs.   Neap tides westerlies gusting to 20mph.  which gave in Vics words

Ideal conditions on the flood but the wind held us broadside on over high water & for the first couple of hours of the ebb. No cod I'm sorry to report & not as many "jumbo" whiting as we expected (trawlers according to Ian), but we had some nice whiting & a few dabs, & an uneventful day (apart from the engine only firing on 1 cylinder at first)Bait lug, mackerel and squid.


This pic taken halfway through the session this basket was full by the end of the day.  



At the end of the day not a great day but it is February and with that in mind perhaps a haul of nearly 20lb of dabs and whiting is not a bad day.  


biggest fish of the day was vic with this whiting


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Tues Feb 7 Swansea West Pier.

Ian and dai Crocker met up with lyn on the West pier around ¾ of the way along for to see if they could winkle out a few whiting when dai and ian arrived lyn was already into the fish and had caught around 12 or 15.  Fishing was slow for Dai and Ian but Lyn continued to bring them in two and three at a time.  Ian finished the night on two fish, dai around 5 but lyn had 40 fish mostly whiting with one rockling.  Easterly wind almost the biggest tide of the cycle falling ever so slightly.


Fri Feb 10 Cefn Sidan

Dai crocker and non member Andy decided to fish an early session or a late session (depends how you look at it.)  At this wonderful mark.    Armed with maddies they were hoping for a flattie or two.  Unfortunately both blanked but Andy lost a nice fish in the surf.  


Sun Feb 12 Ogmore Beach

The easterlies had switched slightly to a slight Northerly with a touch of west in, for the latest match in the SWWASAC league.  The master baiters b team v’s Mainwarings.  This would be a highly competitive affair as there were two current Penlan members who have decided to fish for mainwarings.   15 or so anglers turned out to fish the 5 a side matches so a few members who were not in the team, fished for fun.  To cut a long story short out of the 15 anglers on the beach only one fish was caught and that fell to Martyn North who is an official for Penlan but fished for the other team.  However it was an undersized rockling so didn’t score therefore the result was0 – 0.



WE 05/02/2012

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Sun 4 Feb Burry Port Beach

With the third blank on the bounce in the offing Ian was more than glad to hear that the clubs venue of Llangenech was frozen over.  Advice from the lads in anglers corner suggested that Burry Port beach was still fishing relatively well for the time of year.  So the switch was made.

The two Dai’s, Rob, Ray, Rich, Apples, Ian, Lyn, Jonny and Martyn made it 10 anglers that turned out and spread along the length of the beach.  Most anglers had decided to fish light but maybe that was a mistake as the making tides were moving the lighter leads right to left at a rapid rate of knots.  If Usain Bolt was reincarnated as a flounder he may have had a chance of keeping up with the bait.  So bigger lead was needed, but with everyone using light gear this was not ideal.  Easterly winds low tides and temperatures killed the fishing.  We had all sorts of bait between us spending more money than Harry Redknaps’ dog has in the bank.   We fished two up and two back  Between us we used all sorts of tactics but there was only three fish caught all day.


Ian had a 34cm flounder for first place and narrowly avoiding the third blank in a row.  He  thought it was probably the best looking flounder in the world.  Initially it wouldn't go back bleeding heavily from the gill area,however he left it iut of the water for an hour or so let the blood clot and it went back strongly.  Which was pleasing because she was heavy with roe and just about to pop.


Martyn a 29cm flounder for second  and Lyn a 24cm for third place all the other guys blanked and shared the remaining points on offer



3 Feb Swansea Beach


Ian and Victor had planned a raid on this beach since the last set of neaps.  The forecasted Westerly did not materialise.   Bitterly cold easterly breeze made fishing hard.  Tactics was a big old cod bait on a pennel and small scratching gear on the other rod.  Here is vics version of events swiped from another site:


Went to a "banging" new mark with Ian last night, got there about 8.30pm "No good fishing before low water" he said. On a 9.8m tide we expected the tide not to be too far out, but a No54 busride later we were still walking toward Illfracombe looking for the water! I eventually stopped & refused to go any further, so I set up & waited for it to come to me! It eventually did crystal clear & not a ripple, I slung my pennel gear out with 3 big lug & a squid for the expected cod, & 20 mins later reeled it in & I am sure there was more on there than when I cast out!!!!!

To cut a very long story short (pity I couldn't have cut the walk short as well) with the temperature making my "Thinsulate" ski gloves redundant, we fished until midnight without a nibble! I packed up & started to do the return "Fan Dance", & Ian followed suit! The high point of the night was getting back to the Disco only to be outdone by the large brandy I slung down my neck when I got in the house!

This guy is rapidly taking over the mantle of the dear departed Mad Steve Wood, who also used to con me into going to "bangin new marks" where inevitably we would blank! Ian, as I used to tell Steve, I can blank in places where I don't have to do a second selection course to do it, at my age "Itchy Pussy" is the perfect place to blank from now on!

 The reality was more like Ian and Victor arrived at the beach then Victor moaned like a cheap porno actress, who has been told that her wages have to be cut and that she would have to take on the full membership of the Rough sex and bathe once a year appreciation society two at a time and then do the laundry and dishes.  They both blanked and the water froze  on the line.  Well it was -7


About the only thing interesting that happened was the orange glow in the sky when the furnace opened in the steel works but by the time the cold hands got the camera out it was shut again  :(


3 Feb Loughor / West Pier

Dai Crocker and Rob were both a bit gutted to have missed the trip to laugharne the day before but settled for a bash at the flatties at a Loghour Estuary mark.  Ragworm and lug for bait.  They used standard estuary tactics and fished a couple of hours up to high, and a short period of the ebb, to no avail they didn’t have a bite they both have reported. With this on their mind they decided to call into a tackle shop get some fish baits and fish on the West Pier.for the rest of the evening.  They could do this with the neap tide taking so long to be fully out.  They both caught a handful of whiting to beat the blank.  However the jury is still out on whether  this counts as two sessions and the earlier one being a B word.   it depends on your viewpoint. Rob and Dai will contend that they didn’t blank as they caught fish in the day.  Everybody else on the planet, and some that are not, would say that “hey guys” it was two separate marks so the first session was a blank. 


02 Feb Laugharne Fallen Tree


With a hall pass in his back pocket from work to recuperate after a nasty 24-48 hour bug; Ian was in no position to turn down an invitation from the Smith Brothers, Lee and Andrew to fish the waters of Laugharne made famous by Dylan Thomas.


They arrived to glorious sunshine, slight easterlies lug and maddies for bait.  They fished three hours up and 3 hours back and didn't have a bite.  The closest thing they had to a bite was when  a turnstone flew onto Lee's line which gave him the ' hurry up for an instant.  So all three blanked but what a magnificent place to blank.


With the water gone, and light fading we headed off into the sunset accompanied by the melancholy sound of the crows 'Caw, caw, cawing' and the plaintive, and lonely 'cour-leee' of the curlew, not bothered that we didn't catch   You could almost here Richard Burton's sing song voice:


Under the mile off moon we trembled listening

To the sea sound flowing like blood from the loud wound

And when the salt sheet broke in a storm of singing

The voices of all the drowned swam on the wind















Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.



WE 28/01/2012

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Tues 24 Jan West Pier

Dai Crocker and Ian joined Apples, Lenny and Jon three quarters  of the way down on the pier.  When Ian and Dai got there the others had already caught a bunch of fish Whiting up to 38 cms pouting to 25cm and a few dogs.  It was a very productive night with a medium westerly gusting to about 20 mph.  One of the biggest tides of the cycle with the smallest sliver of moon imaginable  Baits were what was left from the weekend, mostly some mackie but also the odd worm. We fished the tide in and back for a few hours.  We all caught around 20 fish each with about 1/2 doz keepers each as well. except for Jonny who left early with around 6 fish to his name. Dai and Ian caught up with the others numbers wise as they stayed for an hour longer.  Dai felt that worm was the best bait this week and Ian agreed.

Wed 25 Jan West Pier

Ian and Dai Crocker fished the West pier with non member Andy.  Arriving for 6.30 top of the tide was around 8.  It rained hard all night blustery conditions up to around 25mph no moon at all and the tides were still at their highest, in fairness it was safe to call the conditions horrible.  They had mostly fish for bait mackerel and squid so they were not to optimistic especially as worm was so successful the night before.

Fishing was slow, lots of bites but mostly from bait robbing small fish.  Ian and Dai had around 12 fish each with just one or two keepers.  Andy had a few more.  Bags were made up of whiting,doggies and Dai had a 5 bearded rockling.

Fri 27 Jan Monk Nash

Ian and Dai joined nonmembers Simon, Richy and Martin at this hard to get to low water mark.  As you walk down the hill you think to yourself many things mostly of the spooky nature, especially as they were with Richy horror story writer extraordinaire but mostly as you yomp through the mud you think i have to get back up here.  Bait was sandeel, squid and lug. clear skies with quite a strong very cold westerly which died down as the tide turned. Tactics alternative sandeel squid  then lug wrap on a 3/0 pulley pennel lobbed as far as you could and on the other a two up one down short snood effort for a mixture of baits for what ever was there.

They fished two and half hours down and aimed to stay there for as long as it was safe.  nothing was caught until bottom when 'Richy got into a whiting, Ian also had a whiting as the tide turned. Then as the tide flooded Ritchie and Simon had a small eyed each Simons slightly better. 

5.30 am soon came and we had to scarper Simon had a doggie as we packed up but the other two fellas blanked.

Sun 29 Jan Pobbles Bay

All Saturday Ian and lee couldn't make their minds up of where to fish with these damn easterlies raising their ugly head.  First of all they chose a rock mark   but that had to change because of the heavy rain that was forecast.  There were pros and cons with every mark that was discussed.

In the end it was decided that they would try Pobbles bay on the Gower.  A secluded spot none of us had fished before.  They got to the car park on Pennard cliffs and proceeded to make their way along to the fishing spot after stopping once for ian to go back as he had left his phone on the roof of Steads car.  It took them the best part of an hour to get onto the beach especially as they had taken a few wrong turns in the dark and had to double back.

When they arrived the weather was atrocious a strong easterly with sideways rain, boy it was cold.  The conditions were that  bad that all agreed it best to fish with one rod as the swells from left to right were massive.   Moving the 7 oz grippers without a problem. stead was soon into a schoolie spoiling Lee's record of always being the first amongst the fish.  Lee was next and had a bigger schoolie on a pulley pennel with lugworm.  Then again with this better schoolie which must have been over the lb mark.  Not a very good photo i'm afraid as  ian was nearly crying with cold fingers.

Ian was next in with a flounder of around 30cm.  After that towards top of the tide the boys were being pushed back into a smaller and smaller space and with the left to right swells making  things awkward they decided by mutual  consent that it would not be too wussy if they called it a day.  Nearly An hour later they were in Steads nice warm jeep. They had obviously taken a few wrong turns on the way back.  Everyone agreed that it would be a long time before they go back there.  Having said that they caught fish on a beach in an easterly gale can't be bad.

Sun 29 Jan Knab Rock

With strong easterlies forecast the last place you would want to be is on Knab rock but this little trifle didn't deter  Dai Crocker and Andy and by the sound of it scores of other angler as Dai was there half hour before it was fishable and his preferred spot was already taken.  bait was mackerel and lug.  Dai managed a small dab and a handful of whiting and 10 frozen fingers Andy had a small dab.   These guys also packed up early because of the conditions.

Sun 29 Jan Aberavon Twelve Knights comp

Ritchie and Jonny were both meant to fish this competition but it seems as though jonny was roped in to help marshal this event so didn't get to fish.  Ritchie did manage to fish but has not reported his catch as of yet.