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WE 25/03/2012

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Wed 21st March Swansea bay.

Lyn fished here, a few hours up and a bit back making tides with king rag and fish bait.  He reported fishing was very slow,but he did catch a few small whiting and this 39cm....  well you make your mind up to what it was.   Lyn thought a Plaice.

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WE 18/03/2012

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Tues 13th March Cefn Sidan

Dai Crocker and his mate Andy fished here on a highish tide.  Dai was soon into the flatties capturing a handful of flounder.  Towards top of the tide the lovely early spring weather got remarkably cold with quite a stiff breeze.  As andy had neglected to bring suitable clothing both anglers called it a day early.   Medium tide falling

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you know its been a slow month when a 34cm flounder wins fish of the month Just pipping  apples 33cm bass

Ian receiveing his voucher from club Chairman Lyn 

WE 11.03.2012

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Sun 11th March Swansea Bay

Apples, Bob, Viv, Ian, Dai, Lyn, Glen, Lee and Stead competed in the latest Penlan Mater baiters points venue.  Fishing on one of the biggest tides the year proved quite difficult until the water hit the steeper part of the beech, which gave all anglers a well deserved breather.  Bait was mostly lug and a mixture of fish baits. Notmuch in the way of wind and the water was very calm considering the tide height.  Ian fished the first two ho...

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WE 4.3.2012

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Horton Fri 2nd March



Dai, Lee, Stead, Ian, Apples and Ray fished the above mark.  Bait and tackle one pulley pennel and one small hook affair.  Bait was maddies, lug and several types of fishbait.  Weather was a stiff southerly, with a touch of east.  Which made fishing awkward as there was quite a bit of left to right...

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WE 26/02/2012

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SA1 Old Dock Wed 22nd Feb

Dai, Lee, Ian, Andy and his lad Ryan fished the above venue.  Ryan rushed into the lead with pin whiting closely followed by his uncle lee and his dad with two a piece. Dai was next in with a whiting leaving ian to sulk contemplating another blank.  Lee and Andy had pumped some worm which they generously shared and we had various fish baits including some cockles left over from Oxwich  on Sunday.  weather was light rain and weste...

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W/E 19.02.2012

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Oxwich Sun 19 Feb

A good turn out for the latest penlan master baiters club venue.  Dai Crocker, Dai Richards, Martyn, Ray, Apples, Bob, Ian, Lyn and Andy arrived at the beach and it was hooching with anglers.  IT looked like there was another club match going  on there so all the lads had take a 20 min stroll up the beach to find some space. once they set up it was noticed that all the other anglers buggared off which was a bit of a bummer.  a lovely day the ...

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Tues Feb 7 Swansea West Pier.

Ian and dai Crocker met up with lyn on the West pier around ¾ of the way along for to see if they could winkle out a few whiting when dai and ian arrived lyn was already into the fish and had caught around 12 or 15.  Fishing was slow for Dai and Ian but Lyn continued to bring them in two and three at a time.  Ian finished the night on two fish, dai around 5 but lyn had 40 fish mostly whiting with one rockling.  Easterly wind almos...

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WE 05/02/2012

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Sun 4 Feb Burry Port Beach

With the third blank on the bounce in the offing Ian was more than glad to hear that the clubs venue of Llangenech was frozen over.  Advice from the lads in anglers corner suggested that Burry Port beach was still fishing relatively well for the time of year.  So the switch was made.

The two Dai’s, Rob, Ray, Rich, Apples, Ian, Lyn, Jonny and Martyn made it 10 anglers that turned out and spread along the length of the b...

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WE 28/01/2012

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Tues 24 Jan West Pier

Dai Crocker and Ian joined Apples, Lenny and Jon three quarters  of the way down on the pier.  When Ian and Dai got there the others had already caught a bunch of fish Whiting up to 38 cms pouting to 25cm and a few dogs.  It was a very productive night with a medium westerly gusting to about 20 mph.  One of the biggest tides of the cycle with the smallest sliver of moon imaginable  Baits were what was left from the weeken...

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