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WE 05/02/2012

Posted by [email protected] on February 8, 2012 at 1:35 PM


Sun 4 Feb Burry Port Beach

With the third blank on the bounce in the offing Ian was more than glad to hear that the clubs venue of Llangenech was frozen over.  Advice from the lads in anglers corner suggested that Burry Port beach was still fishing relatively well for the time of year.  So the switch was made.

The two Dai’s, Rob, Ray, Rich, Apples, Ian, Lyn, Jonny and Martyn made it 10 anglers that turned out and spread along the length of the beach.  Most anglers had decided to fish light but maybe that was a mistake as the making tides were moving the lighter leads right to left at a rapid rate of knots.  If Usain Bolt was reincarnated as a flounder he may have had a chance of keeping up with the bait.  So bigger lead was needed, but with everyone using light gear this was not ideal.  Easterly winds low tides and temperatures killed the fishing.  We had all sorts of bait between us spending more money than Harry Redknaps’ dog has in the bank.   We fished two up and two back  Between us we used all sorts of tactics but there was only three fish caught all day.


Ian had a 34cm flounder for first place and narrowly avoiding the third blank in a row.  He  thought it was probably the best looking flounder in the world.  Initially it wouldn't go back bleeding heavily from the gill area,however he left it iut of the water for an hour or so let the blood clot and it went back strongly.  Which was pleasing because she was heavy with roe and just about to pop.


Martyn a 29cm flounder for second  and Lyn a 24cm for third place all the other guys blanked and shared the remaining points on offer



3 Feb Swansea Beach


Ian and Victor had planned a raid on this beach since the last set of neaps.  The forecasted Westerly did not materialise.   Bitterly cold easterly breeze made fishing hard.  Tactics was a big old cod bait on a pennel and small scratching gear on the other rod.  Here is vics version of events swiped from another site:


Went to a "banging" new mark with Ian last night, got there about 8.30pm "No good fishing before low water" he said. On a 9.8m tide we expected the tide not to be too far out, but a No54 busride later we were still walking toward Illfracombe looking for the water! I eventually stopped & refused to go any further, so I set up & waited for it to come to me! It eventually did crystal clear & not a ripple, I slung my pennel gear out with 3 big lug & a squid for the expected cod, & 20 mins later reeled it in & I am sure there was more on there than when I cast out!!!!!

To cut a very long story short (pity I couldn't have cut the walk short as well) with the temperature making my "Thinsulate" ski gloves redundant, we fished until midnight without a nibble! I packed up & started to do the return "Fan Dance", & Ian followed suit! The high point of the night was getting back to the Disco only to be outdone by the large brandy I slung down my neck when I got in the house!

This guy is rapidly taking over the mantle of the dear departed Mad Steve Wood, who also used to con me into going to "bangin new marks" where inevitably we would blank! Ian, as I used to tell Steve, I can blank in places where I don't have to do a second selection course to do it, at my age "Itchy Pussy" is the perfect place to blank from now on!

 The reality was more like Ian and Victor arrived at the beach then Victor moaned like a cheap porno actress, who has been told that her wages have to be cut and that she would have to take on the full membership of the Rough sex and bathe once a year appreciation society two at a time and then do the laundry and dishes.  They both blanked and the water froze  on the line.  Well it was -7


About the only thing interesting that happened was the orange glow in the sky when the furnace opened in the steel works but by the time the cold hands got the camera out it was shut again  :(


3 Feb Loughor / West Pier

Dai Crocker and Rob were both a bit gutted to have missed the trip to laugharne the day before but settled for a bash at the flatties at a Loghour Estuary mark.  Ragworm and lug for bait.  They used standard estuary tactics and fished a couple of hours up to high, and a short period of the ebb, to no avail they didn’t have a bite they both have reported. With this on their mind they decided to call into a tackle shop get some fish baits and fish on the West Pier.for the rest of the evening.  They could do this with the neap tide taking so long to be fully out.  They both caught a handful of whiting to beat the blank.  However the jury is still out on whether  this counts as two sessions and the earlier one being a B word.   it depends on your viewpoint. Rob and Dai will contend that they didn’t blank as they caught fish in the day.  Everybody else on the planet, and some that are not, would say that “hey guys” it was two separate marks so the first session was a blank. 


02 Feb Laugharne Fallen Tree


With a hall pass in his back pocket from work to recuperate after a nasty 24-48 hour bug; Ian was in no position to turn down an invitation from the Smith Brothers, Lee and Andrew to fish the waters of Laugharne made famous by Dylan Thomas.


They arrived to glorious sunshine, slight easterlies lug and maddies for bait.  They fished three hours up and 3 hours back and didn't have a bite.  The closest thing they had to a bite was when  a turnstone flew onto Lee's line which gave him the ' hurry up for an instant.  So all three blanked but what a magnificent place to blank.


With the water gone, and light fading we headed off into the sunset accompanied by the melancholy sound of the crows 'Caw, caw, cawing' and the plaintive, and lonely 'cour-leee' of the curlew, not bothered that we didn't catch   You could almost here Richard Burton's sing song voice:


Under the mile off moon we trembled listening

To the sea sound flowing like blood from the loud wound

And when the salt sheet broke in a storm of singing

The voices of all the drowned swam on the wind















Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.



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